• There are people that change our lives, alter its course in a seemingly minimal angle, but that, later, when we notice it, make that minimal alteration something huge.

    There are people we remember for good things, bad things, or things in between, for things that perhaps didn't affect us that much, but we remember. There are people that mark us so much, teach us so much that we wouldn't be nothing of what we are now if they hadn't been there. There are people that stay with us forever, that always seem so close to us and nitid in front of us, even if they're on the other side of the universe and have changed so much.

    Basically, all our life, all our identity, is a mixture of fragments of uncountable people, ones bigger than other, ones overshadowing the others, and those people are fragments of others as well. Each of us is unique because there aren't two sets of fragments that are exactly the same, but we are all connected.

    We are all connected.

    Humanity is a gigantic, beautiful, perfect soul, we are separate shards of it.

    When we are together, our sets of fragments come together too.

    Maybe the purpose of life is actually that, to gather the scattered shards and to glue them together once more, to ressuscitate Humanity through comunication.

    To merge.

    This is my theory of merging.