• I don't see why you have to go and leave this world. I know it was for the best, but i just wasn't ready. I was looking forward to your Tour you were starting this year, I was hoping to see you live on the television. My heart broke into millions of peices when i heard what had happened.

    I didn't want to believe it until i saw for myself. The day it had happened, my eyes poured never ending tears. I hoped you would make it out of the coma and be fine. But when my mom called me and told me you had passed, it felt as if someone ripped my heart from my chest and ripped it into millions of peices and was never put back.

    I seen all the negative comments that people said about you, and i'm here to say don't listen to them. You were a good person and had good intentions. You changed the world for the good, and if we didn't have you, we wouldn't of had all the good music in the world today or the dance move which evolved around around the ones you invented. I believe you never did anything bad like some say.

    You were original, and one-of-a-kind guy. You made your own songs, your own beat, unlike some who just take other peoples work. I'm sorry for everything people put you through, and make you have a bad image. Your were my idol. You still are my idol and you will hold a spot in my heart forever.

    Even though i didn't know you personally, it felt like i did. It felt like i known you my entire life. i was always a big fan of your music. And i know me and millions of others will love and cherish you forever.

    And if there is someway you could be reading this, I hope you happy, because i know your in a better place. May your soul Rest in peace.