• I was in my living room watching tv, I heard that sombody had died...and it was someone i knew. They were shot to death. My reality then changed...i was there..watching it..experiincing it. My freind stood helpless and screaming angrily at the intruders. She was in a cabin in the middle of the woods. She was on a vacation.
    The peaple were dressed like old old old hunters. They wore animal skins and regular hunting clothes and it was weird. They began laughing at her and asking her things. They shot her. I watched as they shot her. The gun they were using was powerful and it blew her arm off. I could see it. all of it the blood the veins everything hanging from her arm. She screamed as blood poured from her arm.
    Still they laughed. The continued to shoot her. She didnt die but kept screaming struggleing as blood coverd her. I watched as tears streamed down her face...blood pouring. Still the men did nothing but laugh and make jokes at her. Then it changed slightly. she had a fire place going the only light in the house. I looked away seeing her shadow on the wall. she was barely standing on her nees crying...sobing....Then they shot her. I saw it in her shadow as she jerked. They shot her over and over and over. They walked out laughing and talking about how one of their freinds should have gone to church. I saw a man...or was it me? hiding under the bed......then i woke up.