• All you freaky little people out there who send chain mail, I've got news for you:
    You little weirdos are not scaring me, I am sure Sally Tsunami, Molly Murderer and Jenny whatsherface do not exist. You are simply bored people who make up s**t because you have no friends, no life, no hair and most likely are forty eight year old virgins living with your mom. You don't scare anyone, you simply get Gary Glitter's hopes up. I hope you all wake up and see that you are stupid and should go and get a job.

    Also, I never pass it on unless I want to show other people how dumb it is have a chain mail for you all:

    my name is princess Mahogowinnytinnypinhead, I am dead but I somehow managed to come back to life, get my hands on a computer, type in this adress and do this. If you do not send this to 1,000,000,000 people in the next 0.000002 seconds, your pet tortoise will die and you will be molested by a gay rhino.