• Silence could be good sometimes in a peacful setting.She couldn't remember the last time she had heard peacful silence.Even now as she sat on the living room floor holding the stab wound in her stomach.The bleeding had slowed a good bit since the silence came.maybe this silence wasn't the peaceful kind,she wondered if she would ever feel peacful.
    The sun started to peek its way over the houses across from hers.she would have to get her brothers and sister up for school soon.maybe it was too quiet her,mother was usually up by now cooking breakfast,and fixing lunch for the younger siblings in the house.Her father usually was ranting and raving about something.if it wasn't someone in the house that had upset him it was something in the newspaper.He would be angry if she didn't hurry and get the kids up for breakfast and to school ontime.
    She frowned softly to herself thinking about how strange it was that there was no sound.there had been so much screaming and crying before,now there wasn't even the sound of birds in the yard or the dogs next door.had she gone deaf? she didn't think she had,but then she couldn't figure out why she hadn't gotten up to get the kids ready for school yet.she was seriously lacking in her area of the morning routine.her father was definatly going to pull out the belt for this one,well not so much a belt he took to using his fists and feet more nowadays then he did the belt.
    A sound broke the long stream of silence.what was it,sirens? she thaught that was a bit strange,there were hardly ever sirens in her neighbor hood unless some one died.the screaming she remembered must of caused someone to call the cops.she had wondered where the screaming had come from,it seemed like she knew,but for the life of her she couldn't remember if what it was that had happened.she started to think retracing her steps,which was pointless because she couldn't remember how she had come to be in the living room in the first place.

    The neighbors had heard the dreadful,blood curling screamed coming from the Daniels place,causing the old lady living next to them to go check oh them.it wouldn't be the first time the father had resorted to violence and attacked the mother or oldest daughter.when she arrived though she almost fainted at the sight of all the blood painted on the living room walls.she immediatly called to her husban to call the cops as she tried to get into her neighbors house to see if she could figure out what had happened and maybe help anyone who might still be alive.
    the police and paramedics arrived at the house as a quater past eight in the morning.they had to break the door down just to get inside,asking the old woman who had her husband call them step back and return home."dear god look at this place.....it looks like a masse murder went rampart in here"the first paramedic who entered the house commented as he swayed slightly as the smell of blood."holy s**t we got a live one guys,bring me a gurny"he called out as he rushed into the house past the numerous dead bodies littering the living room and floor to the girl who was resting her back against the wall.when he had first entered the house he thought all of the bodies were dead,until the girls head turned slightly drawing his attenion."hey kido whats your name?"he asked her as he lifter her chin up so she was gazing at him.her pupils were dilated and her skin was much too pale."she's lost a s**t load of blood guys get your asses moving"he yelled franticly over his shoulder at the policeman who had entered the house after him.he quickly moved her hand out of the way and started putting pressure on the most prominate wound of the many she had."hey kido you got a name?"he asked as he tried to assets how bad off she was and if she had gone into shock yet or not.

    The silence had been broken now.she knew this because it seemed like person after person kept entering her house,tracking mud and leaves in as they did.her father was going to be furious and she would be to blame.the guy who and crouched down infront of her had asked a question.what was it,her name? that might of been it."Serenity"she said softly in hopes that he only wanted her name,she felt a little sluggish and didn't want to have to answer anymore question.wait had she amswered any in the first place?maybe they had been in her head.the guy was screaming something over his shoulder again,she was suprised he seemed to like to yell alot.
    when the other paramedic came in with a gurny she frowned wondering what it was for.had someone hurtthemselve.maybe her father had broken her mothers leg again and was too lazy to drive her to the emergency room."looks like the old man went crazy and slaughtered them all then shot hisself in the back of the head"she heard one of the police say as she rolled by them,making her realize she was the one on the gurny and was being carted out of the house.
    she frowned softly again"where are you taking me?"she asked the guy who had been hovered over her since he arrived at her house.