• "It wasn't fair and it wasn't right! I must get out of this tonight!" Clapping was heard followed by a few hoots and hollars. I grinned and looked at the students. I really didn't expect this to happen! My grin instantly turned to a blush as the love of my life stepped up onto stage. He smiled down at me; his brown hair getting in the way of his gorgeous hazel eyes. I could get lost in those eyes... and did. That is, until I realized he had said my name a total of three times. I mentally kicked myself before answering.

    "Sorry, yeah?" I said and stopped looking into his eyes. His smile vanished only to be replaced by a worried look.

    "You okay Maddie?" I reistered my name and almost screamed in delight. He knew my name!!! But then I realized again that he had said my name a few times. It wasn't until he placed his hand on my forehead (might I add I got a strange chill run up my back) and clicked his tongue before putting his hand back down at his side. The spot on my forehead where he placed his hand gently, was tingling. I didn't want the tingle to stop but I heard him start talking. "Hmm... you don't feel hot."

    My mood took a turn down WHAT!? lane when he said that until I finally realized he was talking about temperature. Talk about a real blonde moment and an idiotic one too! I cannot believe I was freezing up over this conversation!! I mean, I've seen him plenty of times and now when he finally tries to talk to me, now I decide to freeze up. Nice maddie. Smooth. People are SURE going to want to talk to us now! Especially when half of the school is watching! Curse Drama class. Curse myself. Curse this stupid play. While I'm at it, curse my dreams too!

    "Umm... thank you?" I asked skeptically. He gave me a puzzeled look before laughing. Right. In. My. Face. I felt like pudding. I should be happy that he's finally talking to me but... I don't. Stupid hormones. You swoon all over him since fourth grade and now you take a break on me? Your the reason I'm freezing up. Stupid me. I hate me. I loath me. Greatly. "I'm fine. Just a little out of it." I mumbled when he stopped laughing and gave me a worried look. "I'm going to sit down now..." My feet tried moving but felt like sand. And not the soft dry sand. No, the wet and lumpy sand. Both of them moved. They moved all right. Right over the side of the stage. Where I fell. To my doom.

    The whole entire auditorium errupted into laughter. I could feel a blush creeping on and I tried to beat it down, but within a matter of seconds, my whole face was red. Cassie rushed over, grabbed my arms, and pulled me up. I could see that she really didn't want to help me what with the constant laughing and the probable labeling, she really didn't want to be me let alone see me. Heck, I didn't even want to be me! Yeah, it was that bad.
    Everybody was still laughing. Even when we both rushed out of there. I looked back one last time to see Bryan (My long time crush) looking at me with a bright red face and his mouth open. He was probably laughing as the big doors closed shut. I still heard the noise. It was horrible.

    "Gee, thanks Cassie. Thanks a lot for making me sign up for Drama club! Thanks a lot!" A door opened up but it was too late. I face planted a door. Laughter. Again.

    "KYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...!!" I sat up quickly; my whole body felt sticky against my satin sheets. I panted before looking around and hearing the song Behind Closed Doors by Rise Against. My eyes quickly darted to my alarm clock to see that it read 6:28. "Argh!! it was all just a stupid, stupid, stupid dream! Thank god." Until i realized what time it was. "KYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...!!" My feet bounded across the floor to all of my stuff. I can't believe it! I woke up late!! I was going to be late for school!!

    Hi, My name is Maddelyne Pearl Stark. And NO I am NOT related to the ever-so-made-up Tony Stark. I live in a regular two story house, with a brother, Mom, Dad, and two dogs. This is my first day of school. My first day of being a Senior. And you know what? I was still a total geek. Yeah, Senior year's going to be a blast!!! *All sarcasm intended*