• She stunned everyone around her.
    Her looks, her scent, her smile, was absolutley stunning.
    she seemed as if she could be an angel fallin from heaven. Her goregous looks were the only thing that made people have this thought.
    She was a witch.
    Deep down, her vain ways made her rude and snobby towards the people who didn't wear a cheerleading uniform.
    Some girls wanted to be her. Some girls wanted her dead.
    Most boys just wanted to ******** her.
    The girls that are her so called freinds would be ridiculed by all if would ever turn her bakk on this witch.
    It was if she ran everything.
    cheated on test and cheered for her home team with cheesey smile made the teachers love her.
    She belived in doing whatever she pleased.
    No matter what her loving parents decided for her well fair, she did what she thought was best.
    she did any boy, smoked any ciggeriette, and drank any achohol.
    one night, she left home with out her parents permission.
    she walked passed a department store and a man spoke to her.
    the idea he gave her wasnt somthing she would be intrested in.
    He didn't take no for an answer.
    She kicked screamed and faught as much as possible but couldn't budge out of his strong grip.
    She was brutely raped and murdered that night.
    Her parents sent out a search team the next day and saw her dead crippled body lying so helplessly on the ground.
    A police officer thought "A sweet girl like this should never be killed in such a way."
    But the police officer didn't now her.
    The funeral day came.
    Her old freinds and relatives looked before her.
    Her grace was gone.
    Her blonde hair lost it's tint, and her tan sin was now pale.
    How did this happen?
    Why to her?
    What did she do to deserves this?
    She was then laughed at by the people who wanted her dead, seeing it on the 9' clock news.
    maybe she deserved it.
    maybe she ASKED for it.
    some people thought it was tragic.
    others thought that was the world today.
    Some teenagers who ridcule the less attractive get payback.
    And that just what happened.