• The Sickness of a Nemesis?
    What does that mean?
    Aren't nemesis kinda related to a supremacist?
    Well, better become more keen
    Within the next hour, 'cause
    He's ganna be closing his jaws
    On you, leaving you without a clue

    And as you two stand at gun point tonight
    Did you two ever even get a chance to write
    Your life long story
    Of how you two were never sorry
    For ruining the fun
    Making it all a game just for guns

    Caught her just as she was running out the door
    You both stare at your lover on the floor
    She will never know
    Both of you will never end this
    Slaying the bodies, red stained snow
    Trapped in this endless abyss.

    A lie worth living
    Nothing is ever relieving
    This deep pain of revenge
    Of a never ended avenge
    That started with the sickness
    That made you both the nemesis