• My name is Miami this story I will be telling you in a couple of sentences is related to a real life experience. If you’re reading this…………..I’m Dead. I will tell you a story of four girls who Find them selves facing a harsh decision. This story may stop at certain points because I’m not dead yet and my life story has just begun. Those who are disturbed easily…….>.> or are perverts don’t read. The story begins with me Miami…..
    “Miami were are you!”
    “I’m over here mother, just beyond the sky” I giggled.
    “Stop playing and get inside!” She yelled through the window.
    “Fine” I mumbled my way to my fabulous house.
    Our house was in the middle of a giant forest it was the only house in miles and it was the biggest house you can ever imagine it was more like a castle, I often thought of it that way. The house had 9 bed rooms that’s only counting the rooms I could go into. There was four floors and hundreds of other rooms, I wasn’t allowed in. It was decorated with all kinds of jewels and furniture and other stuff. The main rooms were Living room, kitchen, hallways and stairways were painted baby blue with white fluffy clouds. It often made me think of heaven, I loved running through the halls pretending I was high up in the sky flying with the birds. Well the main thing here is that we sure had a big house.
    I walked into the kitchen and saw my mother cooking us dinner
    “I’m inside mother what do you need help with?” I had a British accent it was odd I didn’t speak the langue my ma and pa had used there whole lives and know they only speak English blending in with the others who traveled to the Americas but, when I think about it I looked nothing like my parents I didn’t even look like I was British.
    “ You don’t need to help with anything it was getting dark that’s all” she gave me a crooked smile.
    “ But ma the sun hasn’t yet gone down” I whined to her stomping my feet
    “ I know honey but its better you stay inside please” She gave me this odd look it made me feel guilty for whining.
    “Okay, I’ll go up to my room then” I walked out of the kitchen and ran to my room on the second floor it was on top of my parents room.
    It had everything I needed to survive I never left that room until I turned fourteen It was my first time going to a school and it was also my first time I met my best friend Kiley. Lets start off when I turned fifteen shall we.

    “ Honey come on down!” my mom called from downstairs
    “Coming!” I put on my favorite pink dress because I knew I had a but load of presents downstairs and I knew my mom would take loads of pictures and I need to look pretty don’t I, as I walked into the downstairs kitchen my dad and mom where sitting at the table………no presents.
    “ What’s going on?” I had a confused look on my face
    “Honey we’ve been thinking” mom looked at dad
    “Its time for you to go to a real school” he looked the other way when he finished his sentence
    “ Yeah I mean you can’t live your life around us can you we can’t show you the values school can” mom spoke.
    I looked at them why where they so worried I didn’t want to go? I totally couldn’t wait to go to a school better yet a high school “yeah okay I’ll go to a high school” I smiled and nodded. My parents seemed to look surprised I didn’t understand why but hell I didn’t give a damn I’m going to school!

    Too be continued...