• Saturday,May 18th,1988

    I went tot the target store and i saw a little boy and he said, "PLease casheir lady, please!" " I'm sorry but you don't have enough money to pay for it" the casheir replied as she handed him money. The little boy ran out crying. So i went to the casheir and asked what was going on and she said "That little boy wanted to buy that doll but he didn't have enough money to pay for it." I said "then i'll buy it for him." So i took out ny wallet and payed for the doll. Then i stepped outside and gave the doll to the little boy and asked, " why do you want that doll so badly?". He explained how his sister went to heaven and his daddy told him she went forever. " I just wish i could say goodbye. But she always wanted this doll so i got it for her. My mommy is gonna take it to her when she goes to heaven today." I was stunned. The way he cared for his sister. He continued, " I also bought my mom these white roses cause she loves roses. Daddy says she will be happy in heaven." I also was just stunned when i realised that he didn't know what it really meant to go to heaven. " Mom is sleeping in her hospital bed. Daddy says that she is resting up for her trip to heaven." I realised his mom was in a coma. I felt so sad and extremly lucky to have not suffered what he will in the future when he is old enough to know what this all really means. He left off running to the hospital. I followed later with a large ammount of white roses. I saw the little boy next to his mother in the hospital bed while the took her off life support. That must have been how his dad said she was going to heaven. I walked in and set the flowers on her chest and left. That night before i went to bed i though about how this experience actually changed my life a lot.

    I hope that this slightly changed your look life