• On Memorial Day, my family and I were coming back from camping at Camp Dearborn. My arms were filled with my luggage, my sheets and pillows, and my sister’s CD player. I was happy to drop on my bed and go to sleep when I got in the house. Well, until I heard my dad talking on the phone, “Uh, yeah, we’ve been robbed...”
    I ran to my room and dropped my things. They didn’t steal anything in my room, but the door to the screen room was open and shattered glass was everywhere. I looked in the screen room, the door that lead to the outside had a huge hole on it from broken glass. On the floor lay a orange stone from the paving stones from the patio that were outside. I felt devastated. Then, I heard my mom searching through her jewelry box. When I slowly walked toward my parent’s bedroom door, their floor was covered with clothes. necklaces, sheets, and pillows. My parent’s drawers were open and their bed was flipped, missing pillowcases, and jewelry sprawled out on the bed. My mom had been trying to see what they stole. “What did they take?” I asked.
    “They took the money I was saving for you and Sarah that was in my room,” my mom began, “my new T.V., the big green safe that was in the closet.”
    “What was in there?” I interrupted.
    “ It had your savings bonds, all of our birth certificates and social security numbers, grandpa’s gold, and Granny’s health insurance information,” my mom replied.
    I went into the living room and sat on the couch and glanced up at the T.V. that they didn’t take (because it was too bulky), and saw that the DVD player was gone. My mouth opened because of everything they stole. Then I heard my dad talking to my Granny, so I looked back. I saw the water dispenser and a half empty liquor bottle. Apparently, the robbers had a party while they were here. That got me furious.
    Fifteen minutes later, the camper was pulled in its place and all the food and luggage was in the houseand my Granny came for my sister and I to spend the night at her house since we knew we couldn’t sleep with everything that happened that day. The stupid thing is, is that the cops weren’t here yet.
    My sister and I packed to get ready to go. When we got there my cousins Katie and Jimmy raced towards Sarah and I and wrapped their arms around us and said, “It’s gonna be okay.” It made me feel a little better knowing that they cared about what happened, but my scar wasn’t healed.
    The next day on our way to school, my Granny said not to tell anyone, but my friends found out. (I’m not good at keeping secrets about myself.)
    This problem is ongoing because of identity theft, I know that stuff is stuff and can be replaced, whereas my identity cannot.
    (It was also kinda creepy that a grown man was watching our house to know when we were gone and going trough my mom and my underwear drawers.)
    Because of the robbery, I’m not as social and crazy as I used to be. Although my family and I have been more aware and protective about our surroundings and security, I later found out that the burglars also stole a lot of my happiness and strength to get around tough turns. And although the rest of my family got passed this grudge, I didn’t. And even though the police didn’t solve who did it, and my family and I didn’t get our happy ending, this is just on of those hoops in life we’ll have to jump over.