• omg! i scream on the phone to bella. the hottiest kid at school just asked me to be is prom date!

    bella and me we're screamingth happiness.

    i cant wait tell the prom tonight! bella announced to kelly.

    Omg my new dress is going to look dashing!

    my brother heard me talking to bella on the phone and he screamed

    ewwww your such a girly girl!!

    soon enough bella and me we're done talking and the door bell rang,

    i'll get it! kelly screamed.

    i open the door and there stood Gaik. Donword the biggest nerd in the unvirst!

    hey kelly i was woundering if u want to go to the prom with meh tonight?

    i cant i already have a date. kelly replyed.

    gaik dropped his rose on the ground and i saw a tear coming from his eye and then he ran off.

    how can u do that? my mom said angryly.

    the boy never had a date in his life mom! anyways i dont want to date a nerd!

    i ran off to my room and started sobbing. tell of cource my date to the prom called i ansered the phone and cody strated talking...

    i have to cancel are prom date..he aid sadly... me and my X are baxck togather.

    wha-wha-what! i ansered than hanged up....

    my brother camed in and set on my bed.

    now you know how Gaik feel.... than he started walking away slowly.

    wait.. gaik feels the same.. i ran and grab the phone and dieled his phone number in...

    Hello, who is this.

    its kelly i replyed.

    oh its you.he also replyed

    well u still be my prom date.. im sorry the way i been treating you...

    re-really! a girl actually wants to go out with me!

    would that be a yes. kelly replyed

    of course! i will pick you up tonight.

    ok! see u later!

    i was so happy that i made a person dream come true.

    a few hours latyer i put on the beutiful dress on ever it was red with black dots on it.. than the doorbell rang and the most hamsome boy stood there he didnt look like a nerd anymore to me. he was my true love.

    the end