• So, like now im really bored and i bet you would be 2 If you were in my shoes no wait i bet you would want my shoes -gucci- i bet ur jealous lol xd going to the mall i basically own the mall. Man i want 2 go swimming in rubber ballsO.o thats what i bet ur thinking. dangit now i want cake!!!!!!!!!! if you are reading i feel very bad for you so if you like how i write keep reading p.s i spell words wrong. if you would like plz buy my diapered egg in the market place seriosly i need u 2 buy it!!! plz!!! crying ok some one plz call the wahmbulance wahmbulance ok back 2 the diary entry gawd i just came back from the mall there was a girl and she was all snooty and like a whore like with her gucci purse and her prada shoes she complimented me and said oh well i luv ur hair and i like have ur whole outfit lol i was lke-.- ugh why is she talking to me then i realized she was my sister O.O no wonder she looks fmiliar like she was at my house yesterday. It was her birthday i thought she was just stalking me well now that i know who she is i remebered i bought her that outfit hopefully she knows who i am O.O wink sweatdrop
    the smartest girll you may ever meet