• Long time ago there was a princess ,she live under the sand she wanted 2 be humen so she scaped. In the seecond day she die .The king and tha Queen say at the same time: She wil come one day ,one year and whit anoter body .Years pased...
    Tere was a little girl that she bolived in fantasy ,farys .

    Merlin:Ofelia why you take 2 much boocks? *merlin takes the bigest boock * *giggles* Ofelia u bolive in farys.

    Merlin:Ofelia tell the chofer 2 stop the car.

    Ofelia:Chofer please stop the car.

    *Chofer stops the car,Merlin and Ofelia gets out of the car*

    Ofelia take a rock whit an eye *

    Ofelia loock a statue and puts eye in the statue *

    Merlin:come Ofelia lets go.

    Ofelia:Mom look a fary.

    Merlin: *giggles*

    *fary fallows Ofelia*

    Merlin:Ofelia i want u say 2 the Captain father.

    Ofelia:...yes Mom.

    Captain:welcome *Captain kisses Merlin* Captain takes Ofelia hand* u better be good little girl .

    *Ofelia loock at the fary ,and fallows the fary *

    Ofelia:woow a labyrinth

    Maritsa:come Ofelia u clud get lost.

    Maritsa hugs Ofelia*

    gets nigth*

    Ofelia goes to the labyrinth*

    Ofelia:ho are you?

    Faun:im a faun.

    Faun:princess fannaly ure back

    Ofelia:no im ofelia

    Faun:here thake this boock it will tell you wat to do open it wen you are alone.

    Ofelia opens the book*

    Ofelia:but this buck is empthy.

    Faun goes to Ofelia's room*

    Faun:Ofelia here a pencil.

    Ofelia:huh a pencil??

    Faun :here you go 2 mofe farys now there 3 farys ,ok you will make a door and then u will go in ok,you will see food do NOT eat OR drink or u will die.

    Ofelia surprised k

    Ofelia makes the door and then goes in, ofelia looks att the food, farys say: no ofelia no*

    Ofelia eats 1 apple farys:noooooooooooooooooo!
    Monster gets up and eats 2 farys ,Ofelia runs and escape*

    Faun:so how it was?

    Ofelia : 1 accident sorry -_- .

    Faun :WAT AN ACCIDeNT , i will give you an opportunity .

    Faun:bring me youre lil baby brother.

    Ofelia surprised k....

    next day at nigt ,Ofelia takes the baby *

    Captain:give me my son..


    Ofelia runs 2 the Labyrinth*

    Ofelia :why you have that blade?

    Faun:its need pure blood 2 open the gate.

    Ofelia : no i will sacrifice my self.

    Faun surprised k princess as you whish.

    Captain:give me my son.

    Ofelia gives the baby*

    PUM!!! the captain killed Ofelia and the gate opend*

    Maritsa:give us the baby.

    all the good peaple was around of him the boy frend of Maritsa killed the Captain*

    maritsa runed 2 Ofelia and cryed*

    King and Queen: Welcome Back Ofelia.

    "Ofelia:little girl"
    "broter lil baby'
    "Captain father"
    "Maritsa :helper"

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