• I saw him, and I felt a connection. I didn’t know why or how, but I liked him. I loved him, and I didn’t even know his name. Once I learned his name, I talked to him, barely audible. The next summer, I saw him again. I talked to him again. We became fast friends. Another summer later, I was sitting with my friend in the very same building, and there he was. I remembered his name, but he didn’t remember mine. That’s how we met eyes. There was a flash of light, and I fell in love-- again. We became friends, best of friends. That is, until I admitted at a slumber party with my friends… That I liked him. Soon enough, we were together.

    Our relationship was stunningly distant at first. We were very shy. As time went on and we parted ways for school, we were even more distant. I wouldn’t have known if he had cheated on me. I didn’t cheat on him, though. I stood true to him. He stood true to me. Even after a long time of nearly seven months being apart, we were true to each other. But that very next summer, this very summer, when we met eyes again, we saw each other again. Not just to see, but to… Take notice of what we have.

    I could share anything with him, and he shared anything and everything with me. Very relaxed, we took notice of what we held dear, and our shy barrier seemed to fade away, until shyness wasn’t even a thing of the past, but what was never. But now, school is coming again… We will be apart again… But will we be apart? Will he stay true to me? I guess, my real question is…

    Are we really, truly, pulling apart… If we’re coming back together?