• I originally fell in love with Adam Lambert at his first audition. He immediately captured my heart with the caressing touch of his beautiful hands. His smooth voice drifted me off into wild places, a magical getaway every time he sang.

    When I first laid eyes on Adam Lambert, I knew I was in for a surprise. Let's keep it short, sweet, and to the point: I love theatrical guys. And his performance prove that he is way too talented for American Idol.

    Not only is Adam Lambert a brilliant singer, he seems like such a sweet guy. He's into drama--can't go wrong with that. And he appeared to be very polite and couteous to the other idol hopefuls and judges. I think he is genuinely a good guy.

    His versions of various different music stab me in the heart. It wraps it's beautiful, black-polished fingers around my soul and makes me instantly bleed an undying love for this man. A bit overdramatic? I think not.

    Adam's experience in theatre is quite evident, and his performing confidence shines. The control of his voice is a wonder to this mortal world. Is it humanly possible to sound this good? Adam Lambert defies my expectations of what I thought was a good performer. He is capable of putting on a great performance that gets people facinated in his talent. The rare performing and singing capabilities will make him soar far.

    Praise of Adam's range may seem overused, but really states the truth. Just listen to the notes he hits. Only a selected few can do what Adam Lambert does. His voice is stunning; it leads me to a melodic oasis that only deepens my passion for him. I love this man with a burning ember of admiration and devotion. He can sing anything.

    Many people have made it clear that Adam "screams" or "squeals." I would have to disagree with that; I sense no scream fest. This could be due to my love of blaring music with agressive, screamo vocals, but I think highly of Adam's voice (I am definatly not implying that Adam is a hardcore singer). There is nothing so perfect, so beautiful, in the world. Even when Adam is loud, he is just sharing his passion for music. No screaming, just beautiful, passionate music.

    I anxiously waited untill Tuesday of each week, days dragging by at a dreadfully slow pace. I could not await the performance of Adam Lambert. He always has a way of always doing well, only making the audience want more. Adam can alter songs in a way to make them completely unique and innovative, a talent very few have. He possesses the ability to make music his own. He is the puppeteer that mindfully plays with the strings of music to produce sounds that are completely original.

    And I have something to say to those concerned with Adam's sexuality: It doesn't matter. Adam's sexual preference doesn't extract from his beautiful voice and performing abilities. It doesn't hurt anyone. It doesn't post as a threat. The point is, it shouldn't matter. I get so annoyed by people who freak out because they discovered someone is, or possibly is, gay. This is Adam's personal life and private domain. We have no right to bulge into his personal being and judge him for things that he hasn't even admitted to. Can't we see that we are equal as human beings? We all possess different traits about ourselves that make us unique. Each indicidual person is beautiful. No one should treat them badly just for being themselves.

    Adam Lambert is a god. Worship his talent in awe. Believe in his musical greatness. Adam Lambert is amazing, just face it.