• 1. " Look at the disadvantage same way as you are looking at advantage, then it will stop being disadvantage.

    Everything what's perfect will not survive..."



    4. " Don't try too hard... otherwise you can find yourself in place totally opposite to your intentional one. "

    5. " By the hate, pain and suffering I gain power and strenght to fight back the life... "

    6. " When you will learn how to control your own mind, you will be able to control everyone... "

    7. " Like water... you have to avoid the obstacles and never stop flow. "

    8. " Every failure, every lack of success, use as a step to jump even higher!... "

    9. " There is no good and evil in the world... only people and their point of view. "

    10. " When you will look at people closely enough... you will be able to see the animals in clothes. "

    11. " You think you are free? Hmmm... No, you are NOT!. You are slave!, a property of corporations...

    Open your eyes and use them for once! How many collars you have on yourself with their brand?! adidas, nike, casio,

    durex... don't be afraid to list them... you are only a mindless cog sacrificing your own life to propel machine of

    unreal dreams. "

    12. " I would give so much...everything I have! only for one thing... I don't wanna see the real life anymore...

    I wanna start the new old life. Eat and enjoy the f*cking lies served by world, lie myself that everythig will be ok...

    live like other humans in their "perfect", nice, full of bullsh*t fake world... "

    13. " Many people around me claim that I am a pessimist, but I am not. One day I just woke up from beautiful unreal

    dream and started to see reality...I never wanted it though. "

    14. " Love, hate, gun... each can be used to kill... "

    15. " World don't give a sh*t about you... so you better locate your faith somewhere else. "

    16. " Life is a rough river full of sh*t... and you are sitting in a boat without oars. "

    17. " Why do I understand and see life most when my eyes are full of tears...? "

    18. " Don't hide your hate and evil... we are designed to hurt others. "

    19. " There are plenty of diseases in this world... but the mankind is the worst one. "

    20. " Less you stay with people, more you see how they works. "

    21. " Choice, the problem is choice. You always have it and almost never use it right. Life is giving tips which path we

    should choose, you have to listen carefully and try to understand its language... otherwise you will keep wander... "

    22. " What are we chasing for...? a girl, better car, job, prestige? You better find this out or your life will never make any

    sense. Me? Well my life is simple...I don't give a s**t about how do I look, what do I have, if I am ******** my own hand

    or beautiful girl. I just want to do what I love and ******** the rest, inevitable death is comming anyways so why bother

    about such a shits...? "

    23. " You can be best of the best at something, amazing and breathtaking but if you don't know how to control your

    fear, stress, anger you will always lose againts yourself. "

    24. " I may know s**t about life but one thing I am certain... it will do everything in its power to tear out every single

    happiness from your lifetime... "

    25. " Happiness is like a demo version of a game, you will taste it, love it but you will be never able to fully enjoy it. You

    can just sit back and wait for a great god of doom to come and ******** everything up... "

    26. " When life is kicking me, who is laying on the ground already, weird wisdom of exsitence is venting out of me... "

    27. " In life you can be stupid when you are not thinking or thinking too much... "

    28. " I bleed and cried my life out, I am good as dead... "

    29. " Don't let the god know what you are after in life, this ******** will do everything to stop you. "

    30. " Things most desired and wanted are always right in front of you... you just have to open your eyes wide enough. "

    31. " When you hate something with all your heart, it is matter of time when you will start love it... "