• I hear people all the time, saying, "I want to change the world." Well, I do too, but after a while you notice you're changing the world by just being there. You change the frames of mind of the people around you, family, friends, maybe strangers. That's really the goal. Like, Mother Teresa was a generous spirit and she helped a lot of people, and so, she changed their frames of mind. Affected their lives. So, she succeeded in changing the world.

    There are a lot of people who have made me who I am today.

    My parents, my friends, they've changed one person so they've changed a part of the world. I've learned lessons through experiences that have changed me. Once, when I was little, I broke two fingers and being the 7 year old that I was, I sat in the hospital waiting room bawling my eyes out. A man sat next to me as composed as ever with a wounded arm. I remember him looking at me and asking what happened. I told him and he nodded wisely, smiling, and told me how he had been at work when he had broken his arm in, I think it was three places. I got kind of quiet after that. He was a nice man. He taught me that no matter what, there's always someone who has it worse then you. And they might be dealing with it better. I sure as heck have no idea how he dealt with his arm so well.

    So, for me, I want to affect people, and in turn, they will affect the people close to them, and those people will do the same. Like dominoes, except you're lifting eachother up.

    That's what changing the world means to me.