• Why is the world falling to pieces beneath our feet?
    Right now there are wars in distant countries, people dieing of starvation, parents beating their children to death, animal abuse, global warming, million year old glaciers melting, people are dieing, children are crying... And what do we do about it? We sit at our houses watching what is happening around the world on our TV's. Maybe having enough courage to say 'Wow, that doesn't look good'.
    Will we ever learn?
    Just because we were born into a society with money and power, we take over that fact and over run our lives with thinking that everyone must have this kind of life. Well, the fact is is that most people in the east die every day from disease and starvation, while we sit here happy that our crush just texted us on our new cell-phone.
    Does that sound right to you?
    Although, some of us are doing our part. As in 'adopting' children that need it and send them money every month for them, their families and community. We send over sweaters, hand knit ones, for the children so they don't die from the cold nights.
    And during the wars, Canadian soldiers act as peace keepers; helping the innocent people who were dragged into whatever war it was.
    We are helping.
    But some are not.
    I know that the world is a horrible place... I just wish it was a little better for the poor and the innocent that have to deal with out mistakes.
    Its not their fault.
    It's not always our fault either, but it is nice to stop and think about those people and maybe donate money to them so they can build a well for fresh water or something.
    Thanks for listening to my ranting... but I thought that I needed to say it.