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    "I need not worry for the future but the present because God will always take care of me."
    - Anonymous

    Jared is a blonde haired, blue eyed guy. Standing at 5'9, he is very compatible with my height 5'5, and who would not be thankful for that body built like a swimmer he got? He is very much an ideal boyfriend, or is he?

    Our relationship sure does hove flaws, too. He is not in touch with me very much, we barely speak to each other and these things are still happening now which is leading, or should I say has led to our relationship downfall.

    Artemio is the opposite of Jared. A dark haired, dark eyed guy who is not as tall as Jared but still is compatible with me and I am thankful for his body, too (not that I have favoritism for hunks, thinking of my 'evil ex' who has man boobs).

    Jared is a very lucky guy. Having such a successfull family, very educated and a poised young man. Probably someone my parents would approve of.

    In contrast, Artemio would be the guy my dad will have to chase out of the house, if not he'll bring out the gun and probably shoot him.

    But there is something about Artemio that makes me doubt Jared. Artemio is in touch with me, we speak with each other almost everyday. And now he knows me better than Jared does.

    I realized that I'm starting to fall for him. But I kept denying it. Simply because I don't want any complications in our relationship and that I would be such a stupid fool to let someone like Jared go.

    Artemio loves me, even if he knows that I'm taken. I knew I had to make my decisions soon, my time was running out. Artemio wouldn't wait for me to be available again. And I couldn't wait anymore to discuss things with Jared.

    While Artemio and I were talking one night, things between us were very smooth as usual. Like things would never go wrong. But it did.

    He asked me a question "What if I start seeing other girls?" . I kept changing the subject. I couldn't refrain him from doing so because I do not own him, I had no right to tell him what or what not to do. I couldn't say that he should either because it would break my heart. But then again, I was in no place to tell him what or what not to do.

    Seems like he was horny but I couldn't give him what he wants because I'm stuck with Jared. Another girl was present and he started gropping her infront of me. I was so pissed! How could he do this to me, I thought he loves me?!?!

    Reality came to me. He's a young healthy man who has needs. But why do it infront of me? If he did behind my back and I found out about it, it wouldn't be so bad. Because then I could accept that he has needs. But why disrespect me?

    I PMed him everything I wanted to say. When I hit that SEND button IGNORE was the next to be clicked. I could imagine him writing something long with lots of explanations only to be greeted by an 'ERROR'.

    For days I was living without him. I made a thread asking for everone's opinion, I was overwhelmed at the responses I got. Most told me that online dating is stupid, I refuse to listen to that (I'm stubborn). Others said to leave him and some said to give him the second chance. One user even suggested to burn his nipples! The latter made my day.

    I contacted Artemio and when I clicked the SEND button I hit my self on the head (I told you I'm stubborn). He replied and agreed to meet somewhere. I also went with burning his nipples with my army I met in the thread (honestly, there was only one).

    Giving him a second chance proves me that I have strong feelings for him, but what about Jared?

    Breaking up with him because I want someone else is just plain wrongs and selfish. If there was only a better reason to end my relationship with him. And there was.

    I found an update of him saying "My gf just dumped me"What the hell?!?! But I didn't dump him, so there must be another one. The old Winona would start crying and ask herself "where did I go wrong?" But I'm no longer that old Winona, I'm stronger this time (credits to my 'evil ex' who broke my heart dozens of time that I lost count of it). I was actually pissed and furious. That two-timing piece of jerk! Wow, he hit the kackpot. He got the chance of fooling a head cheerleader, way to go man.

    Then it became clear that I was stuck between Mr J and Mr A. there was still a part of me refusing to believe what I read. Besides, I have not discussed things with him yet, it could be just a misunderstanding. Maybe it was just a prank. And it was.

    A new update came up from him and "I'm jk I don't have a gf" was the new statement. Clearly he wasn't cheating on me, but he said that he doesn't have a girlfriend. So where do I stand in this 'relationship'?

    Seventy days till now, I haven't heard from Jared. I don't know what happened to him but I do know what will happento us and that will be history. I wouldn't wait for him to come back. A lot of things could happen in two months, I would not waste my time waiting for him.

    Artemio and I are now in a steady relationship. Giving him the second chance was totally worth it and he is actually the most romantic and sweetest guy I've ever met in my entire life and I love him so much, perhaps even more than myself.

    "Sometimes you have to go taste the s**t before you appreciate the sugar. But you can't appreciate the sugar until you let go of the bad s**t"
    -Rachel Gibson