• when i was born my dad drank a hole bottle of rum my mom hid me behide the couch that


    now when i was 9 my dad drank a lot around us and he's just falling over every where so mom says got take ur drunk a** some here else so i dident se him the rest of the day the next morning

    he was passed out on the couch and now on my B-DAY ur thinking omg wat did he get well i made a grilled chesse i show my dad a rips it into shreds and i make another on a nd eat it

    so now i wake up 1 night cops r at the house and there is a hol in ther room and m really scared i spend the night at my grandpas so the next day we go back to the house most of thestuff is gone

    now im11 and no mader what he dose i will always respect him and love him smile