• One time there was a girl named Keomo.She was walking in a dark forest.All the sudden a litle girl with blood all over her face came up to her and said "help me" in a whiper vocie.Then the little girl grabbed her by the hand and dissperd!Keomo started runing faster and faster!BUT..........then someone poped out with a knife in his hand an killed Keomo!

    That day her mom was calling her and she would not ansewr!She called agen "Keomo" but agen she did not ansewr.Then the same man that killed Keomo came and killed her mom!So no one was in there house but the t.v turred on on its own it was the little girl that disseperd.On the news they said "beware of a killer that dissepers".The girl herd that Keomo and her mom got killed and the girl dissperd ...................to be continud!

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