• She was a lonely child. All by herself in this world. As a child growin up it was just her and her mother. she had alot of family that helped raise her as she grew up.....but not all of those who helped raised her were very good to her. this is the story of the bad. and maybe some good.

    As a child she was forced to grow up the hard way and did not even know it. one of her first babysiiters was none other than her uncel dewwit. he had married to her mother's lil sister and watched her, her cousin a few months younger than her and his older brother. everyday when they got out of school. they'd take the bus to their grandparents house and he'd watch them.
    He babysat them differently than what she was use to. but as we were told. YOU MUST ALWAYS LISTEN TO WHAT THE ADULT IN CHARGE SAYS. and so they did. they did whatever they were told. and that was the start of her problems
    they were to young to know anything. he might have been a good babysitter until the day he found out that he could do whatever he wanted to them. at first they started watchin scary moves. and that didn't take long for the nightmares to come in.
    she was scared of anythin and everything. needles could always poke a hole though one's body causein them to scream and bleed. knives could cause one to lose boodies parts. car doors could cut off heads and glass could make one lose a finger. soon everything to her could somehow cause her harm. she began to fear being alone at the age of 3. not knowing what would harm her when noone was looking. snce being scared of the dark and also the light. life was a mess for this child.

    that's all i have time for now
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