• 17th September 2009
    Crazy about ___

    Well, for the past two weeks I have had this crazy love, thing with this girl named _________ I really like her, but, she’s in YEAR __, its kind of !$*&, I know. Besides, Its the love that counts, I doubt she will kinda go out with me, due to the age, she's __ – __, there’s a _ – _ year difference, it isn’t that much, since my step-dad is __and my mum is like __-ish. So top that &^$”$.

    28th September 2009
    I talked to her!

    OMFGOD, I love her, and yes this diary thing is (mostly) ALL ABOUT HER. So, If you don’t like me gossiping a awesome girl then !*&% OFF. I like, talked to her all dinner time today, so it was &*£%$*&* Amazing, oh, and _____ gave me a sour sweet *%£$ that was sour! I wish to talk to her tomorrow, to be honest it depends if _____ doesn’t annoy the &*%£ out of me, since, he follows me EVERYWHERE throughout school, Its cool, but annoying.

    29th September 2009
    She looked AMAZING

    Well, today I did NOT get a chance to talk to her, BUMMER. Well, she looked absolutely AMAZING today, when I saw her, I, seriously, stared at her for like 30 seconds, it was like, OMG.
    Well, I didn’t talk to her today at all, but well, at least there’s a tomorrow!

    30th September 2009

    Today was the BOMB, seriously, we both hurled rocks at each other, O____ joined in too, we eventually locked ‘im into the netball field, that was hilarious! L__ had 2 go’s to try and get his bag over, I had five. I’m a cheater. Yes every page I do, I add a letter to their names. Aswell, to add, O____ said she smiles at me in a “good” way, I get him, but I doubt It, I feel the like mushy when I talk to her, I only fear one thing and thats about her, I fear if I ask her out, she's going to be either shocked, happy, or something which is better or worse. It’ll happen when the time comes, I suppose, night!

    1st October 2009
    The Happy days might come to an end.

    Well, today was good, at school, outside school, it was phenomenal, in a extremely bad way, Owain now knows that I like Lou, so I’m ******** if he tells her, and he told some ******** girls. Lou might never talk me again, and thanks to him.

    2nd October 2009

    Today was absolutely good, dinner time, at first, no, but then it was awesome, we hurled s**t at each other again and she dragged me far away from my lesson ;D, I cannot wait till Monday. But I hope its gonna be good that day.

    5th September 2009
    Life and Death, Love and Hate.

    Today was good too, we went back to lobbing the rocks at each other heart I’m just &^$£^&$ mad about her, I daydream about her all the time, but, I think it’ll never happen, I may decide to ask her out Tuesday - Friday, due to some other people knowing now, its best to tell her than just unravelling and me not telling her. So I gotta do it, one way, or another, for me, its gonna take REAL guts for me. The time shall come when it shall come, as the fallen emperor said in Oblivion.