• A story by me....

    One fateful day, a woman bore a child, a son, a saint. He had eyes as dark as coffee, and hair a beautiful and gleaming copper color. He had pale skin, and the happiest expression on his face. He was momma's little angel. Before anyone knew it, he was five years old, he started Kindergarden. Mother's face was full of tears as she watched her youngest son walk into that class, leaving her for the first time in her or his life. Yet through all her sadness she found that her son is growing, and this is just the beginning. Now that boy is eleven years old, and he was still so full of happiness, Mother could have just cried. Most kids become corrupt towards their parents...but not him. He loved his mother dearly, and she loved him. One day something happened, her older son became the one and only thing in other people's worlds, it seemed. Soon the eleven year old was told comments such as "You aren't as good looking as [brother].", or "You will never be as successful as [brother]", "You aren't as smart as [brother].", "[brother] is so much more mannered than you." and so on. That broke the eleven year old's heart, making him weep for only the third time in his life. Soon that eleven year old became fourteen, and things were only beginning. He started wearing more black, and was suffering from being picked on by everyone, but he never in his life dared to harm anyone, physically or mentally. After all this abuse mentally and physically to the fourteen year old, he found himself begging any supernatural entity ("God", "Satan", "demons", "spirits", etc.) to give him anger, to give him hate and hostility. Well, soon people found that his wish was granted, Mother's little angel had become increasingly mean, and hurtful to others. He figuratively cut his own heart out, making him emotionless, and immune to the pain this cruel world had caused him. Eventually he found that he was more attracted to males, which was an abomination to his family. He swore he wouldn't tell anyone, and attempted so determinedly to be normal, to like females, but it was all in vain. He could not shake his attraction. He wept almost everydat for about a year, and one day finally get the courage to tell someone. He went to his mother, whom he was sure would always love him, no matter what. Once he told her there was a feeling a depression emitting from Mother, making the newly fifteen year old extremely sad. This sent him down a spiraling despair, for he thought he was immune to pain, but how wrong he was...he was now experiencing TRUE pain. Soon family members told him he was going to rot and burn in the fiery abyss known as "Hell". Through all this pain and suffering he endured, no one was there for him. No one, not even Mother. Well....now that young boy is sixteen and he is the epitome of a horrible child: a high school drop out, homosexual, twisted to parts his own Father states he needs mental help, his soul stained by the darkness of the world, unloved, uncared for, just........forgotten.

    [[ This is where the young boy's heart lies......may it rest in peace....]]

    The End.