• It is sad to think that they are better than one another, whether because they have generated more fraudulent wealth, or perhaps have earned more luxuries. They depict and judge others as social anomalies. Then they, who have been judged by the false jury of everyday beings, feel inadequate, thus submit to the "abnormal behaviors", some of which include minor crimes.

    Who is really the real criminals, in a world where they all must roll the dice to survive, where some people get snake eyes while others get the double six? And who are they to determine with techniques of uneducated minds, also molded from the inadequacies of what society delivers to the less fortunate. They see being stupid as a luxury, for they did not know better. However, if such a possibility of knowing better exists, why is this not told to them?

    They play a game of chess where they play all-queen pieces, while others are given a single pawn, and are told the goal is to make it to the other side of the board for the chance to have a queen. It isn't hopeless, but arbitrarily cheated and the odds are always against the less fortunate.

    This is indeed sickening.