• The whole sixth grade decided to have a field trip and go to Olympia, just like we did in forth grade, we stayed for 2 days just like in forth grade, and we also slept in the same school gym like in forth grade.
    That same night I had brought some firecrackers and me, my cousin (Alexis), her boyfriend (Caleb), and my ex-boyfriend (Kyle), were going to see them and Alexis was going to catch it all on camera. So I woke up Alexis and we went to wake up the guys, when we were going to wake up Caleb I was about to slap him when...he hugged me and Alexis laughed, at that moment Kyle woke up and said "What are you....." his eyes widened as I whispered "Will you just help me?!" after a while Caleb stopped hugging me and woke up.
    As we all walked outside to see the show, Alexis turned on her camera and we quietly walked to a spot I had picked earlier. When we we're putting everything together, Alexis herd something, Alexis being the scared one had to be the first one to say "Did you guys hear that?!" I said I had heard something too but I also said it might have just been us. Then Alexis turned on a flashlight and saw a shadow, it looked like a man with a long black Jacket and a black hat. After she say it with a flashlight we all say it...Of course we we're scared, and we ran to the door, but it was locked. We didn't go check the others because we thought that man would have been there. "What are we gonna do we're locked out of the building and it's barely 1 in the morning!" Alexis said freaked out. "We could find a place and stay there until a teacher wakes up and opens the door" I said trying to solve the problem. We couldn't see much so Kyle told Alexis to turn on the Flashlight...Alexis pointed at me and right behind me was tha man we had seen. We all ran as fast as we could Except The man had caught Kyle, so I started punching the man's arm, and he brought out a knife and cut my arm, so of course I yelled. When me and Kyle Started running from the man, I thought he was following us I looked back and saw the man hadn't moved at all. I still kept running until we cought up with Alexis and Caleb we found some stairs that lead to the top of the building so we climbed up the stairs thinking we we're safe there, and we were for a while, Until the man found us by following the trail of blood my arm had left behind.
    We all screamed, and Caleb hugged Alexis, and Kyle and I thinking this would be our last moments together were hugging aswell. Then i saw another stair so we climbed down. We tried to open the back door, luckily it was opened so we went inside and looked at the clock, it was 5 am. I was glad, until we got to the gym. Kyle told Alexis to turn her flashlight again and then...we saw the horror...everybody was dead no one had survived. We began to worry and ran to the office and tried to use a phone to call the police. But no one answered. So we ran to the kitchen and we stayed there for 3 hours. and then we looked outside the building and saw everything was safe, and it was. So we packed our stuff and ran away from the school. When we got to the Police office we told him evrything, but he didn't belive us, and then...the man appeared right behing the cop and cut his head off slowly, as we saw all the blood running down the cops body the man slowly said "I belive you" So once again we ran.
    After a while we ran into a bus and got on it. It took us to the ferry. when the ferry got to its destination ((Washington)) we ran into another bus and it took us to Coupville Middle School and ran to the principal and told him what happened, he acctualy belived us icon_biggrin.gif and so he called the police and they questioned us. Then we all got to go home. We were still scared about what had happened.

    The End