• I have my own personal god.
    Because my mother is catholic and my father is Mormon, i don't have a religion.
    So I made up my own.
    I do not believe anything from a bible.
    I talk to my own personal god and ask him questions, knowing I won't be answered, or tell him things I need to tell to someone.
    I believe that my god is trying to find out the reason towards living. This "reason" is like a puzzle. He sends souls down to live on earth as something, and when you have found a piece of his puzzle, he calls you back to give it to him, then sends you back down to find another-this is called reincarnation. He may also call you back because you are too far from finding a puzzle piece, thus your soul does not reincarnate.
    When my god has finished this puzzle he will then wipe the earth away, causing an enormous disaster to strike and destroy earth. Many people believed this day was 8/8/08, Some people believed this is in the year 2012. We will never know, because the way we act will determine when the puzzle is finished, and the way we act in unpredictable.