• After we were all in the tardis, The Doctor closed the doors behind us, Martha still had me on her shoulder from carrying me. The Doctor told her to lay me on the floor. Martha layed me on the floor like the Doctor said and the next thing that hapenned, you would think it's peculiar. The Doctor grabbed his Sonic Screwdriver out of his long brown coat and and buzzed it from my head down (it was a scan). The Doctor said "What's wrong with her I can't pick up a trace." Martha replies saying "Well do you know her?" The Doctor replies in a surprised looking state "No but she looks familiar, I know her face from somewhere, it's my gut, telling me I know her" Martha replies eagerly " Well who is she? Is she family? The Doctor speaks back " Martha I told you, I have no family, they all died, in the time war along with my planet"
    "Then who is she and why is she here" replies Martha curiously
    The Doctor looks shocked holding his hand over his mouth in a worried state saying " I think she's TimeLo....." Before The Doctor could finish, Martha replied looking a bit gob smacked saying " You mean she's Timelord? How can that be possible?" Then the Doctor says "Never mind that we have to help her" Martha looking worried says "DOCTOR SHE IS BLUE, SHE ISN'T BREATHING"
    The Doctor went and got a stethoscope and then put it near my chest, he listened carefully. He then said " Martha her heart or hearts isn't beating"
    Martha replied quick and sadly saying "Doctor I think she's in cardiac arrest, we have lost her." The Doctor replied encouragingly " No Martha remember when you saved me in the hospital? You can do the same for her"
    Martha said" Ok Doctor, I hope this will work"
    Martha started CPR (if you don't know what cpr stands for, it's this cardiopulmonary resuscitation) pushing down on me almost near my chest with oone hand on top of the other saying one, two, three four, five, then she covered my nose and blew in my mouth, she tried it several times and said " Doctor it's not working" Then the Doctor replied saying " Come on Martha, we can't lose her" Martha continued cpr, four more times then put her hand by my my mouth to see if she could feel me breathing. She replied to The Doctor and said " Doctor she is breathing a little bit on her own, but not much" The Doctor spoke back" Well done Martha."
    The Doctor grabbed his stethoscope again and listened, he said" Her hearts are beating and she does have two. Martha replied saying" OH MY GOD! YOU MEAN SHE REALLY IS TIMELORD!!!!???? The Doctor replied happily "Yep"
    At that moment I still wasn't conscious, but I was breathing, I could hear everything weirdly, it sounded all mucked up. Martha told The Doctor that she had a first aid kit and she could help get me to come round. Martha went and got her first aid kit and then looked through it, she then found what she was looking for, it was an oxygen mask. She unwound the tube thing around the mask and lifted my head up, she put the mask on my face. After that she attached the long tube thing to the oxygen tank/ machine and switched it on. Within about ten minutes I opened my eyes. Martha picked me up again and put me down on the yellow chair. She put put her fingers up and asked me "How many fingers am I holding up?" I replied saying "strawberries"
    At the time it was funny because I couldn't see tidy, it was all blurry and the way I was hearing was awully strange too. I sat there with tears coming to my eyes saying " My head, it hurts so bad" Martha lifted my head and checked it, she looked at the back of my head and then looked terrified. There was a giant purple, blue and red lump at the back of my head. Just as The Doctor was going to see how I was, the Judoon and that lady woke up, they were banging on the doors of the Tardis trying to get in. The Doctor started the Tardis and we were flying through space like mad, the tardis was spinning and going really fast, Martha fell onto the floor and The Doctor was being tossed around from side to side. Then we came to a stop. The Doctor came over to me and picked me up hugging me tightly, he then put me back on the chair and put his hands on each side of my head and closed his eyes, making mine close too. The Doctor let go of me and then I opened my eyes, I felt a lot better. I went to take the oxygen mask off and the Doctor told me not to, while he was talking to Martha I took it off and threw it.
    I got up and rose up in the air and flew around and around the Tardis, The Doctor said "Stop this now!!!!" I replied and said "No this is way too much fun" Martha looked at me and couldn't help but laugh. the Doctor looked pretty annoyed so I flew down and walked on the ground. I said to The Doctor " Do you want to see gallifrey?" He replied " Gallifrey is time locked, we can't go back, it's gone. I said to the Doctor "It's not gone I will show it to you"