• So my family and I had recently moved into my new house, and there were many boxes strewn about. My two cats, Dude and Zapato love to play with each other and run all over the house when doing so.

    In the living room, we have a very large mirror hanging on the wall with a unopened box in front of it. I was heading over to open the box and find out what was inside of it, when I heard my cats scrambling in the hallway to my left. Their fast pattering feet made me smile and when they came zooming out at top speed, I watched them and laughed.

    Zapato was being chased by Dude, and he was going at full speed. He leaped into the air, landed on the box, and jumped.... into the mirror hanging on the wall.

    Now, he didnt accidently hit it, he full-on LEAPED INTO the mirror. To this day, we think he probably thought it was another room. But I'm sure you can imagine the bewilderment that showed upon his face when he tumbled onto the floor, wondering what had just happened.