• L esbian
    G ay
    B isexual
    T ransgender

    do you think LGBT"s people should be able to get married and why do you think that

    well i will tell you in my opinion i believe that if they are in love and want to get married let them. i mean what is the big deal

    so what if is not a man and a women
    but at least there happy to be with the one they love

    i mean i know some people are going to say "o it is against my religion" and
    so what if is against your religion

    it is against mine(i am roman catholic) and i still believe in people that aren't straight being married
    i mean if straight people can get married why can't Gay's, Lesbian's,Bisexuals, etc

    don't bring that stupid phrase into this
    "it is Adam and eve not Adam and Steve"

    besides why can't it be both

    just why
    (o and if your wondering i am bi)