• "Yeah, mom I'll be home soon." "Okay.. But don't go near the roses!" "Mom, their just flo-" "Promise me, okay?" "...." "Just say it." "Okay, okay. I promise."

    I don't know what my mom has against roses. Their just flowers - Right? ...Right. Why be afraid of flowers? I dont know. She won't tell me. I decided not to go on the bus today to go to the rose gardens and see what she was so afraid of. The worst was Bees. And they just sting and die. Not that bad! Ugh, Ill just go there and prove that their not that bad.

    When I arrive at the Rose Gardens, I look upon the roses that catch - Red roses. ohh, they smell soooo good! I don't even notice, but my feet move and next thing I'm about to touch one. I touch the delicate rose, and with a slight tug, I pull out the rose. Ahh... Lovely.

    But then, this is what makes everything go upside down....

    My mom was right.

    The world starts to spin, and I suddenly fall, into heaven knows where, and I see my mother crying, at my grave. "Why didn't he listen?" I begin to spin, and I cannot see. I pass out suddenly, spiraling to my death. next thing I know, I wake up in a field of giant roses... and I pick up a sharp stick that looks like a toothpick. I'm about 2 inches tall, maybe more now! ...Im a dwarf? Okay, I didn't look like a dwarf, so no. Im not a dwarf. All of the sudden, I hear a very loud annoying buzzz... What was it... Oh wait, here comes the fun part - I had to sword fight with a hornet. It pushed against my toothpick and tried to jab me, but I stabbed it and ran. I ran so fast, I coulden't breath. When I stopped, I was in a part of the field with tilled soil, I could see rose roots. The roots pulled out of the ground, and ran after me... More and more created a mob to attack me.

    I stopped running and froze. I coulden't move. Now, the roses were after me. I could hardly breathe...

    And then.. The rose came towards me, and jabbed a thorn throught my heart...

    All I have left to say is..

    Beware of the roses for they all have thorns.