• i stared at the end of my bed- not beliving what i was seeing. a little girl- with jet black hair that fell to her ankles and trailed on to the floor. i have seen her before- but it's been years. i always thought she was a guardain angel- watching over me when i am sad. seeing her was shocking yet comforting. if she is my guardian angel than i shouldn't be afraid of her - so i din't scearm. she just stared at me and didn't speak. she didn't need to i knew why she was here. i said hello but she didn't resond as usal. i waved and she waved back than she disappered. i smiled and lay my head down on the pillow forgetting what i was so sad about.

    a few mounths later i saw her behind my tool shed. i don't think anyone else can see her because my entire family was in the back yard watching the fireworks- my dad was putting off. i waved and she waved back- again she was gone. people think i am crazy for seeing her and sme people say she's a ghost. and that she wants to hurt me. i don't belive them- she is my guardain angel and i know she is.

    don't beilive me than don't comment.