• I rode off zooming in my ship at infinite speed, the Tardis wasn't far behind I could see it, I didn't have time travel in this ship so I was going to have to do something else.I would have to do a time leap to get away from them. A time leap isn't something that tears a hole in the fabric of time or reality, it's a bounce that makes you land in a random place anywhere in the universe. It works by collecting unwanted energy in the air like a little bit of carbon dioxide, recycles it and creates a time loop that bounces you somewhere random. I clicked the time leap and my ship did the teleport leap and I ended up in the most creepiest and horrid looking place. The ship was damaged from arrival and there was no way back so I began to investigate the area.
    It was dark, the sky was just pitch black with no movement at all, it was like a dying world. The floor was just greyish with lots rocks and strange looking ash, this ash was probably the bodies of dead creatures/people or burnt out meteors or stars that must have landed a very long time ago. There were trees, very odd looking, they were black as if they had been burned. The trees were up straight but the branches bended over and went down like a piece of string. This place was really creepy and I could detect no signs of life.
    This place was lifeless practically dead and there was nowhere to go. I walked around and then heard something coming. I grabbed my invisibility cloak and wrapped it round me then sat on the ground as still as ever. There were these creatures dressed in long black suits, a bit like cloaks, they covered the face, head and body completely and all you could see was the cloak. They walked over too me as if they could see where I was, this wasn't going to be good.
    I grabbed my manacle and put it on my arm then raised my arm and shouted "ARACHNA POWER" I had transformed and was in my spider rider armour. I then shouted "SPIDER OUT" . My huge battle spider, which was pink with purplish legs and more colour appeared in front of me, I told her to fly then we set out through the skies. The creatures in cloaks were chasing us from below so we went faster gliding through the skies like graceful birds. We flew faster again until we came to a stop.
    There was a huge dragon looking creature in front of us. It looked like a huge capital S because it was curved in the exact shape of one. It was huge and rocky. It's eyes were red and looked like the burning fire of hell and it breathed smoke at us. "It's ok" I said to Crystal "I'll use a breathing protection spell" I used the spell then exactly one second after the smoke it breathed at us didn't affect us one bit. I stood up with crystal still in the air and blasted the monster using ultra slash. The monster fell too the ground with a bang and crash which made the land below our feet shake like a huge seizure, we could even feel it even though we were in the air. We fell to the ground with a crash as the earthquake stopped. I got up and said "Crystal are you alright?" She replied "Yes kinda" I added back "Have a rest Crystal" I then raised my manacle and shouted "SPIDER IN" Crystal then returned to manacle space. I shouted again saying "RIDER OUT!" I then was out of spider rider form/armour. The monsters that had been chasing us before came up to me.
    This wasn't going to go well I could tell. I went to run and then one of them said "WAIT! Who are you, What are you doing here, Where did you come from and how did you that? Nobody in this world has ever been able to take down one of those monsters" I replied " One my name is Victoria or Mew, Two I landed here through a time leap or whatever, I am gallifrean, and the answer to how I did that is that I have practice and I fight against evil and more." The other monster/creature said "I think you had better come with us"
    I was going to run away but I didn't expect them to do what they did next. They both grabbed me by the arm dragging me along to what looked like an underground, they walked down into the underground pulling me along and then I saw it.
    There was a huge underground city that was all built out of rocks or was rocks that was just made into the shape of a home. The creatures continued to drag me by my arm and the they came to a building which looked like all the others then they decided to enter it. There was another creature sitting behind the desk wearing the exact same cloak and looked exactly like them too. The two creatures told the creature behind the desk that I was an off worlder and they also told him to put me behind bars. I rolled my eyes as the creature behind the desk grabbed me by the collar on my top and pulled me down the steps to another room and then threw mew into cell that was rock on the inside with a rock bench/bed thing on the world, the bars were metal.
    I felt really fired up at this moment so I shouted up to the creature so he could hear me and said "HEY MATE WHAT PLANET DO YOU THINK THIS IS? CLOM? The creature came down the corridor in front of my cell and hit me with a cane or a whip through the bars I shouted at him " DO YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO DO THAT!!!!???? IS THAT LEGAL!!!!???? As soon as he was about to walk away he heard me and turned towards me "You have got a big mouth for an off worlder" The creature said. I replied back to him " YEAH WELL I CAN GIVE YOU MORE BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN AROUND CREATURES AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND THEY ARE NOTHING BUT FOOLISH IDIOTS!!!!" The creature got so angry that he whipped me again. I felt even more fired up than before so I put both my hands out straight and blasted him. I then told him "NOW YOU LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!" He walked away feeling so angry that he went up to his desk and got a gun and then came back down and blasted me with it.
    I got up after being shot and looked at my hands which once were hands and saw claws and then screamed because he had turned me into a slitheen, I was a big green fat creature with black round eyes. I had to get out of here or I would get into a lot of trouble because lots of species hate the slitheen. I got out my teleport phone and pressed teleport and I landed in Sarah Jane's street on Earth. I walked over to her house and knocked the door. I wasn't going to have a very good welcome I could tell because sarah jane has stopped slitheen before. K9 the robot dog went crazy he said to Sarah Jane "ALIEN ACTIVITY DETECTED!!!!" Sarah Jane was curious and she asked Maria to go check the door. Maria was back from america for a visit.
    Maria walked down the stairs and over to the door, she opened it and then I said "Can you help me?" As soon as Maria seen my face she slammed the door and shouted "SARAH JANE IT'S A SLITHEEN!!!!" In the attic where Sarah Jane was K9 was going crazy shouting "ALIEN ACTIVITY DETECTED" Sarah Jane ran down the stairs so fast that she appeared by the door in 10 seconds. Maria stepped aside and Sarah Jane opened the door. Sarah Jane shouted at me saying "WHAT DO YOU WANT ARE WHY ARE YOU HERE" I replied " Sarah Jane can you help me please?" Sarah Jane shouted "WHY DO YOU WANT ME TO HELP YOU AFTER WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO OUR PLANET" Maria looked at Sarah jane and said "Sarah Jane it's a child of the slitheen I think your being a bit hard, it's just a child. I looked back at Sarah jane and started crying saying "I'm not really a slitheen" She looked at me shocked saying "What did you say" I said to Sarah Jane "I'm not really a slitheen I got changed to one and I was hoping you could help me"
    Sarah Jane invited me in and took me up to the attic and told me to sit down on the chair. I sat down then K9 came over to me saying "Master Victoria" Sarah jane looked at him puzzled and said "K9 this is not your master this is a slitheen. K9 continued calling me master Victoria and Sarah Jane couldn't understand why. Sarah Jane commanded "K9 explain" K9 replied and said " Master Victoria, Timelord." Sarah jane looked at me disgusted and said "How can you possibly be Timelord" I explained to her what had hapenned to me and how I changed and she could hardly believe me. She then said " Is this a set up by your species?" I replied to her in a reassuring voice " If you don't believe me there is always this" I handed her my fob watch that all timelords have. She looked at it and couldn't believe it saying " You really could be timelord!!!!"
    She said to Mr Smith "MR SMITH I NEED YOU!" The wall that looked nothing more than an ordinary brick wall opened up and showed itself to be an outerspace super computer. Sarah jane then asked Mr Smith to scan the fob watch. Mr Smith scanned the fob watch giving the results and said " Sarah Jane this is a watch that every Timelord has from the anicent planet of gallifrey" Sarah Jane looked at me so horrified that she could barely speak and said "So you weren't telling a lie, your a real Timelord" I replied in a calm gentle voice saying " Sarah Jane I would never hurt you because I am not really a slitheen I got shot and it changed me" Rani and Clyde arrived with Luke and they came up the stairs and entered the attic, they stood there with the smiles wiped off their faces as soon as they seen me.
    I walked over to Luke shouting "LUKE!!!!" I gave Luke a hug and he said "Mum who is this?" Sarah jane explained to the three of them with Maria backing her up and they were all pretty shocked. I heard a noise then turned around and saw the Tardis arriving in the attic. The doors of the Tardis opened and The Doctor said "Hello Sarah Jane, is Victoria here?" Sarah jane answered back "You know her" The Doctor replied "Yes I know her, shadow proclamation and all" Sarah jane said to the Doctor "There has been a bit of an accident" Sarah Jane pointed at me, The Doctor said "Thats Victoria? What hapenned?"
    Sarah jane said "She got changed into a slitheen" The Doctor replied " Ok, well we are going to have to sort this out because if she is like this for a long time, it becomes irreversable" I looked at him almost fainting knewing we had to fix what had been done to me.