• Writing to u from mr orazms:

    Mmm well I fell asleep in English for about ten minutes and in those ten minutes I had a dream. And in the dream u and I were walking in the fall leaves, kicking the piles of gold, red, orange, and brown. Mm u looked so handsome. Just walking down the path formed through the trees in whatever woods we were in. holding hands as we were walking , close together. We were talking but I couldn’t hear the words I could just see our mouths moving and random bits of laughter. That went on for a while. Then we came to a dead end in the path, we had extremely puzzled looks on our faces ^^ like how the heck did we get here sorta thing. It was beautiful, great oaks, aspens, willows and every other kind of tree making a natural ring around the clearing. Golden brown leaves slowly drifting down to join the rest. Beams of light sneaking down through the last few leaves left on the trees. A slight breeze seeming to tug us toward the middle of the clearing. We walked, slowly ambling our way there. We get there, and well, u grabbed my hand and swung me around until u were holding me…. Time seemed to stop, the leaves stopped falling but we were still moving. We drew each other closer. Then, well, we kissed and it was so perfect. Though it didn’t last forever cause then I woke up from that wonderful dream, but when I did wake up I felt as if I had really kissed u there in those autumn woods, the love rush. But I looked up expecting to see u there looking back at me with a silly smile on ur kind face but all I saw was that horrible cement wall and ashlee’s confused face. I cried there in my desk so frustrated I nearly punched the kid next to me. Even crying as I try to put my dreams on to the paper before my minds forgets.