• “He struck again! Dang it! What’s with this dude?” Kris threw the newspaper down, fuming. She wasn’t in the best mood , neither was I. Mostly because whenever there was a Thomas Grey murder, which has happened almost every night as of late, we stayed up all night investigating.
    “Let me guess; another Grey Murder?” I sipped my coffee. Black, as usual. “God, I can’t believe I share a last name with that thug! Who this time?”
    “A corporate official, as usual. No names given.”
    “I’m taking a walk. I need a smoke.” I mumbled.
    “Fine, but be careful, ok Matt. I can’t have you dead at a time like this.” Kris spoke with a worried voice.
    “Don’t worry. I have too much on my mind to die right now.” I chuckled out the way. I spilled my coffee on the floor as I walked out. “Oops”
    When I got out it was a Grey rainy day. “Well now there’s no chance of me lighting another house on fire, again. “ I said sarcastically to myself.
    As I walked down the sidewalk thoughts of the Thomas Grey case flooded my mind. Not about his tactics or how I would catch or anything in that sense. But the flood of thoughts that would be as bad as Katrina, were the thoughts of why I was attracted to this case so many months back.
    I wasn’t even a detective, and I never wanted to be one.
    Maybe it was the weird dreams where there were two unusually familiar people. One was a dead women and the other was a scared, crying kid.
    “Man, it’s too dang cold!” I yelled.
    The only thing warm I was wearing was my old aviator jacket. The rest of my clothing was a crimson shirt and blue jeans. I also had toxic waste designed goggles, my ever-present pistol at my side and k-bar next to it- a gift from a Marine friend…… I GOT SHOT DOWN A LOT OK?!
    Oh dang! I had to meet with another office man to warn him about Thomas Grey. The building was about a block away. I had to meet the dude at 5:30 am and it was about 5:26 so if I ran fast enough I could get there just on time. And this one was the most important one to date.
    When I finally got to the office I saw I man standing over Mr. Kurt’s dead body. Both men were bloody and the one actually alive had a jagged flip knife. Mr. Kurt’s back had an insignia carved into his back of a triangle inside a circle. The triangle had the capital letters TG, which was the insignia of the Grey Murderer.
    “Thomas Grey? You’re coming with me!” I yelled nervously. It’s been forever since I came face to face with a psychopathic murderer.
    “Oh so you finally found me, brother!” he said with a smirking death glare.
    “What do you mean by brother?”
    I was an only child. My mother died when she gave birth to me and I lived in a foster home when my dad died. I was only 8 at the time. Now I was confused.
    “Oh right, amnesia. Sorry Mathew.” He chuckled sarcastically. This psycho was having a wonderful time with me.
    “Wait you’re that kid in my dream. And the dead woman is mom. But that’s imposs-“
    “No, it isn’t Mathew.”He seemed annoyed.“Mom died because daddy murdered her.” Right now he was playing with the knife as if it were toy. “Mom had a huge fortune. Dad wanted it, so he murdered her.”He laughed, a low raspy chuckle. “Then you- let’s say ‘ended’ it for him.”
    “Y-You mean I killed him?”I questioned.
    “That’s exactly what I’m saying.” He answered, smirking like he always did in the police photos.
    “Then why are you killing all of these other people? Thomas, why are you doing this?”I asked, wishing he would stop this.
    “Brother that amnesia must have hit you hard.” A bloody hand slapped his forehead. “These are all the companies that helped Father.” A growl. “Mom was so rich she had an army of her own, so father got a slightly larger one.” He strolled closer to me. He began being less calm, more overdramatic. “It was an entire massacre! But in the end Big Brother comes in to save the day!”
    He was right in my face. Oddly enough he had no hint of drugs or the stench of alcohol. Completely clean, just insane.
    “He still got Mother y’know? And then you left because you couldn’t handle the trauma!” He was yelling now. “Just leaving me in the dust! Your wimpy butt got amnesia about a day after you were on the streets!” He gripped the knife tighter. “You were wandering around and a nice foster family took you in-While I was living out my days as a 7 year old on the streets!” his voice peaked and he charged.
    I took out my gun, but he simply knocked it from my trembling hands. I ducked, took out the k-bar and it clashed with his knife.
    He then pulled back and stabbed me on the side of my shoulder.
    In one moment he gripped the knife a twisted it farther into my flesh. When he was finally satisfied, he took out the knife. I was on my knees and I knew my brother was an expert.
    Trained on the streets. All my fault.
    “I’m gonna kill every partner father ever worked with! And then I’ll kill you!” He yelled as he brought the knife down to my back, but nothing touched me.
    I heard three gun shots.
    My angel has arrived.
    And like so many times before, everything thing turned black.
    I woke up in the hospital. A dull throbbing sat at my shoulders.
    “Oh good.” Kris smiled halfheartly. “Matt, I thought you’d never….” She broke off, unable to finish.
    “Krissy, I’ve gotten in much more trouble than this.” I laughed, trying to lighten the mood. It wasn’t working. I sighed. “So… the case?”
    “Six more killings. Mathew, your brother…”
    “He’s not my brother!”
    “We did the testing! He’s your little-“
    “No. He’s not.” My eyes blurred. “He’s not my brother, because I’m not his.”
    “Yes you are!”
    “I certainly didn’t act like it.” I looked down, and my angel left the room.

    Across town Thomas Grey smirked.
    “Well, well. It seems Mathew is finally catching up.”