• I groaned with the rest of the table at lunch, as Dakota cracked another sex joke about the new couple at our table. My best friend in the whole world, Shay, just sighed as she held her boyfriends hand. Without hesitation she looked at me and said

    "Oh yeah, you wait till you get a Boyfriend, im going to get you then."

    I just laughed and said, "The chances of that happening, are slim to none, I've sworn myself off of guys for a year."

    Shay gave me a look that said, 'good luck with that happening.'

    Bry ,the next best friend in line looked up "Hey you never know," she said wisely "She could actually do it." I detected a note of sarcasm. she was making fun of me.

    "says the girl who swore off of guys and failed." I replied smartly, Bry just made a face at me and returned to her book.

    Meanwhile next to me, my friends Friar Davis, and Dakota were having an arguement over the second coming of jesus.

    "No, no" said Cody very seriously, "I am the second coming of Jesus."

    "No, I am, you look nothing like Jesus." said Friar Davis

    "Oh and you do?" I aked, "If anything Cody has the long hair of Jesus, you are just gay with that stupid haircut. Who did it? Your mom?"

    Everyone laughed, even Friar Davis.

    I grabbed my Potato chips from my tray and threw it to the middle of the table, at this point two of our moochers scrambled to take it. Josh, and Cody. Cody can afford his own lunch since his step-mom and dad work at the school, but he chooses not to.

    Me? I eat for free. GO POOR PEOPLE! we will someday rule the world along with the nerds. If not we'll all be eaten by zombies(yes I'm a sci-fi freak)

    Friar Davis, also known as Eric Davis(not my stupid ex BF), had started on the topic on heaven and hell(we have weird conversations, if you were a fly on our table, your ears would burn like a crisp)

    "Yeah," I said suddenly, "they won't let me back into hell, everytime i get near the gate, they're like 'its her, get outta here!"

    Everyone laughed. Jut then the bell rang signaling the end of 2nd lunch. Our table pushed back and we said our goodbyes as we all headed back off to class. I can't help but think, 'just another day at lunch'