• Who are YOU to say there's something wrong with another?
    Who are YOU to say that girl, or that boy is ugly?
    Who are YOU to think of having a right to hurt someone in that way.

    Do you even know what you're doing?
    You're ruining someone's life. You're killing them slowly. A painful death.
    A death much worse than any masacration or murder. A death by words.
    Do you think you're amazing? Do you think you're cool becuase you can talk about someone behind their back?
    yeah, you're amazing aren't you?

    Do you know what they feel?
    Sure they smile and pretned that it does not effect them, but do you know what they feel inside?
    They feel the pain, the abandon-ment, the hatred that you inflicted upon them. The things you call out on them, the cut deeper than any wound a person could have.

    Put yourself into their shoes. How do you feel?
    Do you still think its okay? To be treated differently becuase of your looks, your thoughts, your actions, and even your sexuality?

    From every 100% of people, 10% are unharmed by the wordings that are being said about them. 30% Don't care. And 90% kill themselves, even if it isnt literaly, over it.

    Think about how effective a thing can be to a person before you go and say it.
    Think about their life. Think about yours.
    You are not as cool as you think you are. At least, when all you can do is sit there and talk behind someones back, that is.
    I never quite understood why people have the urge to talk about people. Nor will I ever.
    All I know is that it is pathetic, and it needs to stop. And i'll preach for it untill the justice is surved.
    ~Kaylee J. H.~
    -Becuase the world would mean nothing with out you <3-