• Chapter One:

    The Journey Begins

    “Grandpa no! Don’t go to that war! I don’t want to lose you!” I said while tears run through my eyes. He smiled at me with his blue eyes and patted my head. “It’s going to be ok. Besides I promise I’ll be back for you.” He grabbed his bag and headed out. I was crying and holding my cat plushy. The last thing I saw was his smile and his blue eyes. A few months later they announce that my grandfather is dead, I dropped to my knees and I felt an arousing power that filled my body, a purple aura appeared around my body, a tribal purple tattoo on my left arm, a black tribal tattoo on my face, and a black death tattoo on my right arm. My parents saw me and yelled something but I couldn’t hear because I was too much in pain. I yelled at the top of my lungs and then…
    BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I sat up quickly sweating and tears running down. Looking at the clock, I wiped my tears away and got out of bed and turned the alarm off. I grabbed some clothes on my bean bag block, and then I went to the bathroom and started changing. I look at the mark on my chest, my sister told me it was a curse seal for me, but I can’t remember anything, all I know that I lost my grandfather in that war, but I didn’t know how I got this seal. I looked at the date and see it was training day so I put on my black fishnet tights, black skirt, my black spaghetti top with my black and purple vest, my fingerless gloves and my thigh high boots. I walked out of the bathroom and looked at a small demon staring at me.
    “Yes?” I said.
    “You know what today is?” he looked at me concerned.
    “Yes it’s the day my grandfather died…and it’s also training day.” I looked away my hands clench trying to remember what happened. The small demon nodded his head and guides me to the training room. I followed him without any hesitation, wondering what necromancers I should summon, what spells I should use, and who will be my opponent. ‘Please don’t let it be Josh.’ I thought, as I heard the same rules that little demon told me. “You know I already know the rules. Right?”
    “Huh? Oh yeah, sorry. It’s a force of habit that your mother wanted me to tell you everyday.”
    “Well I know the rules, I’ve been training for the past…how long again?”
    “Let’s see…you’re 18, so 11 years,” I nodded my head. I was 7 years old when I couldn’t remember anything on that day. I shrugged and entered the training room. I stand on the middle of the room ready. “Josh won’t be in today, your mother has something for him today.” Thank God were the words I mouthed. “So who will I be fighting today?” The demon pressed a button and ran out the room. A bunch of Ninjas and Soldiers surround me and I smiled. I waited for the three beeps so I could start.
    BEEP. BEEP. BEEP! START! I jumped up and summon my necromancer Kokutan the demon cat, Moonlight my dark wolf, and North wing my eagle. Then I summoned a few undead warriors, and I told them, “Fight them!” they nodded and started to fight. I jumped off the wall, flipped and kicked the ninjas head and somersault to land and turned quickly. 2 ninjas and a soldier surrounded me, I smiled and spin to go on my hands and used my legs to kick the ninjas and the soldier away, they hit the wall and they disappeared. I back flip to Moonlight and got on him he was cornered so I lightly kicked his side and he jumped up and a blue energy ball appear on my hands and pinned the soldiers to the wall and they disappeared as well. I rode on Moonlight and a final Beep stopped.
    “Winner, Michelle!” I smiled and all my necromancers disappeared. “Well Michelle, My Father would’ve been proud to see you like this.” Dad said entering the training room. “I know, but I can’t remember what happened 11 years ago, after…he died.” I look down and left the room. I wanted to get out of the house for a while but first I have to change clothes. So I took off my fishnet tights and skirt, and put on my black jeans and put on a purple crop top. “I’ll be going out; I need a few days off of training.” I told Dad and Mom was listening. “Well eat first.” Mom told me. So I grabbed a bowl and get some cereal, so I started eating at the table.
    “How long will you be gone?” Mom asked.
    “Mom, I’m 18, an Adult. I’m not a kid anymore.” I pet my cat Mischka who jumped on the table waiting for the milk.
    “I don’t care. But I want you to be safe. You’ll never know who will steal from you.”
    “I know,” I finished up and let my cat drink the little bit of milk that’s left. I stood up and put the bowl in the sink and grabbed my bag. “Well I’m off.” I smiled, and walked to the door.
    “You got your phone?
    “Everything that you need?
    “Yes Mom!” I tried not to get annoyed, and left the door and summoned Moonlight. I got on him and held onto my bag making sure its zipped and then, I yelled. “Let’s go!” And he ran off. I was happy feeling the wind through my hair, and seeing the usual sights. Not worrying a thing, looking at buildings, people and Josh? I lightly pulled Moonlight’s hair and he stops.
    “Hey Michelle, where are you going?” Josh asked getting on his mountain bike. I looked at Josh, wearing his green Mile High Youth Court hat, hoody, and blue jeans holding a bag.
    “I’m taking a break from training.” I smiled, and lightly tapped Moonlight’s side and he walked to the bus stop with Josh.
    “Really? For the first time?” I nodded, “Yeah, well I’m off I’ll see you in a few days.” I tapped Moonlight’s side a little harder and he ran off, jumping over roads and cars. I don’t know where to go so I told him. “Let’s go to the 16th street mall to get some stuff!” He nodded and ran faster. I smiled and held on to Moonlight and my bag. I looked to my right and saw some vampires under umbrellas, two males and a female. I looked at them for a second and looked forward.
    While dodging cars, highways, buildings we reached to the mall. I got off Moonlight smiling, and saw my favorite store, “Hot Topic!” I yelled running to the store and suddenly a necromancer fell right in front of me. I stopped quickly trying not to fall and I looked to my right, and saw two people fighting a cute brown haired guy and an ugly guy fighting him. I didn’t know what to react so I leaned by the building turned around and watched the fight. It was amazing how the fight is going. I couldn’t believe it even I can fight that ugly guy. I kept watching but I need to get out of here before someone sees me, and out of no where the cute guy’s father showed up to finish the fight. I walked to Hot Topic and got a few things. Definitely a new wallet, my old one was breaking; I got out of the store and have an urge to follow.
    I got on Moonlight and told him to go to that guy’s house then find out information. He ran as fast as he can running as the speed of light and as we stopped by the guy’s house I snuck into the house got some information and ran off. “Hmm Frese…Interesting, well lets go kick some Frese a**. Let’s go!” Moonlight started to run to their grandmother’s house I got off him and he disappeared. I waited for the Frese to get here; the father came on a dragon and the little brother on an Eagle or some large bird of some sort. I took both of them down with a spell I looked up while I was training. So far it worked. “Hey boys…wanna play?” My hands glow blue and purple. I summoned warriors, ninjas, and Vikings, and demons, trying not to lose energy but I can heal my energy so that I won’t get tired. I have to go to the father then the brother. I sent out North Wing to make sure the oldest brother is coming, and soon enough I was winning this fight. Due to 11 years of just training, I’ll be sure to get those boys. The father was weakening and so was the brother, North Wing come back and surely he was coming in a few seconds. I saw the oldest brother wearing black almost like me but only I'm wearing a purple shirt.
    I continue fighting and didn't know what was going on my powers are going weak, I saw the older brother his powers are outstanding, I couldn't believe so I have use a bit of my energy to fight him. “He's too strong...how is he winning, I thought he was an easy...” My curse mark glowed a bit and I screamed a while losing power and a flash back of that day appeared through my eyes, of how that day happened. I didn't know where I was, and I woke up on a bed, and slowly sit up seeing the guy in pain, “What's wrong with you?” I sit up looking at my wounds, I say as soft spell, “Eternal Domine” and my wounds healed quickly. The grandmother told me that he was weak and still needed rest. I saw the father’s blue eyes, and then younger brother and he has blue eyes. Dear lord let this one doesn’t have blue eyes, but I saw the guy and notice that his name is Matt, he and his grandmother was doing a transfer spell, I learned that spell when I was 12 maybe 13. Matt was trying to get up, but I stood up, “Let me help you.” He put an arm around me and I saw his eyes. They were blue like my grandfather’s, I try not to blush but I helped him going out of the room.
    “So, what’s your name beautiful?” He asked.
    “Michelle. Michelle VanArsdale,” I said.
    “Why were you fighting my family?”
    “Well,” I look away a little ashamed a bit, “I couldn’t help but get into one, I’ve been training for years…and well...It’s a force of habit.” We walked onto the front porch, I sat down on a chair, and he stood up and yelled. “Summon!” A soldier appeared, and Matt unfortunately fell down. I ran to help him and so did the soldier. “You know, through that spell it takes all of your energy, you really need more rest.” I told him. The soldier and I help him up, “Yeah how do you know?” I looked at him with the ‘You gotta be kidding me’ face. “Hello I was training for 11 years, so far I only do is train and study. Besides aren’t you supposed to surpass your brother? By the way what are your family’s names, I know you’re Matt so far.” He looked at me, and we locked eyes. We sat him down on the chair and I kept standing up.
    “My dad’s name is Wayne, My brother is Torrey, My grandmother’s name is Mary and that’s about it.” I tilted my head a bit, and he looked at me.
    “So it’s only you guys living together?” He nodded, in agreement. I couldn’t help but look out into the distance. Letting the soft breeze go through my hair, then suddenly a few Rhinos appear out of no where I looked at them and took a step back. Matt stood up and grabbed a sword. My hands glow blue and purple again, and as I was about to charge, Matt jumped up and attacked one. “MATT, WHAT THE HELL!?!?” Yelled at him and attacked the second one. But the rhino was a little strong and pushed me back. I saw his grandmother come to aid and I jumped towards her his father and his brother. “I don’t know where they came from; they appeared out of no where and attacked us. Matt already killed two of them, but in his condition he has nothing left” I took a breath. “I can take the other 3; just let me take a breath.” I saw Matt puking up blood, and that kind of ticked me off. I ran and my powers grew a bit and I sliced two of the rhinos in half with one slicing spell, Torrey killed the last one. I jumped and landed near Matt and saw him sleeping peacefully, I smiled a little and Torrey walked up to me.
    “How is he?” he asked.
    “He’s sleeping again.” I wanted to touch his face but something was stopping me.
    “What’s your name anyway?” I looked at him, just wanted to punch his face.
    “Michelle,” I blocked off ever sound and studied his body; I didn’t want anyone to notice so my right eye turned black and white to see his condition. He’s too weak, a few sprains, and scars no broken bones just torn muscles; I shook my head and wonder ‘has he ever won a fight?’ I blinked and saw Torrey lift Matt’s head. “What are you doing!? He isn’t able to move and you’re moving him like he’s s**t!!” I yelled at Torrey and his grandmother.
    “Where did he get that?” His grandmother asked. Torrey just shrugs like ‘I don’t know’,
    “There is the family symbol on the back of his neck!” His grandmother says out loud.
    “Where’s Dad?” His grandmother and I shrug our shoulders not knowing where their father went off to. I saw the symbol, I knew what it was but I couldn’t figure it out. Could it be like my symbol? No…So I asked,
    “So what are the effects of it?” I asked his grandmother.
    “No one really knows, and everyone in this family has it, but no one has activated it in years.” I nodded. I know what it does. It blocks out an incredible power that’s locked away, even if you have someone that you love dearly died that power can be active. I wonder if that happened to me. I saw Matt woke up and as he stood up to go somewhere I stopped him. “Where are you going?!” I asked. He didn’t answer and still walk on. “Ah, He’s like the rest of the family, I hope he missed that part.” His grandmother said.
    “What part?” I asked
    “Walking alone in the dark, the alone feelings.”
    “What alone feelings?” I keep asking, and boy I sure feel left in the dark. I just met these people and I don’t know what they’re talking about.
    “The feeling of being alone were you believe no one understands you but you care for everyone else undying you will die for someone you care about without hesitation.” That I can relate.
    “Isn’t it a waste of time?” I asked.
    “When you know how Matt has lived and the way he lives it’s understand able why he takes all the abuse and shows kindness in return,” she explained. I look to the way Matt left and got interested, that I want to follow. “Come on; let’s go back to the house.” His grandmother said. I followed her and Torrey into the house, but I have a feeling that I could have a bond. I sat down on the couch looking down; thinking about my curse mark and placing a finger on my chest; Torrey looked at me and sat down.
    “So…what’s under there?” He said. I looked at him shocked.
    “For your information I have a curse mark that I can’t remember how I got it.” He laughs a little. I looked at him with the ‘I’m not kidding’ Face, “Oh…you’re serious.” I nodded a little.
    “It was 11 years at the war, I was little and I didn’t want to lose him. A few months they announced that he died and I blacked out. I couldn’t remember a thing until I woke up on the bed with my mom saying that I need to train at once. So through 11 years I’ve been training.” I explained he nodded and looked at the door. Matt and his dad were yelling at each other. “Let’s go boys.” He said. I stood up and asked, “Can I join you?”
    “We really can’t take anyone else, unless we risk mobility.” His dad told me. “If she wants to join she can ride with me….Summon!” he said and a giant wolf appeared. I would like to summon my wolf but, I want to give Moonlight a rest. “Ok, if you can handle that.” His father said. “Reason I like the ground well.” Matt said. I smiled and walk towards him. “So are you coming?” he asked as he put the sword on his back. I got on the wolf and Matt got on too, “You better hold on to me.” He said. I wrap my arms around his waist to hold on. “GO!” he said to the wolf and the wolf sprinted. The wolf was fast but not as fast as Moonlight. I was getting a little wolf sick but it’s a new wolf that I’m on, so I have to hold it in.