• "I love you!", i said to him
    'ya and why would i care?",he said back
    "i dont know... i just thoguht mabey you would feak out"
    "well im not", he moved closer to me " i like you alot to"
    "then please explain why you arnt saying it back?"
    "I just cant say it im sorry"" he pulls away
    i start to cry
    "please dont do that im sorry"
    "im fine but please hlep me understand please explain to me"
    "its just not a good time for a girl frined kk im sorry"
    he moves closer but i pull away
    "why" i say
    "its just there is someone else"
    "what?" i pull away and move back bummping into people
    "kk please dont im sorry"
    "no i cant talk to you now im fine but i ahve to go":
    i run and sitt all alone i cant be seen with tears only two fall on my face but once im home i want to die my heart hurts my head hurts my whole body hurts! i want to die i want o scream! My tears fall free and my heart is in pain i know im dieing!