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    June 6, 1926
    BANG! The front door of the beautiful house on the corner of Main Street busted open in the dead silence of the night. A drunken man and woman walked across the open house’s threshold staggering and hanging on to each other in their venerable state. They couldn’t remember and didn’t remember what had happened after they got home. When they started going around one of the corners leading up to the stairs the man turned and saw a tall, muscular dark figure standing in the doorway just breathing in and out very calmly. The drunken man turned to the woman and asked, “Do you know who he is?” in a very drunken slur.
    The woman looked behind her and the man holding her up and just stared at the dark figure.
    “No,” she said also with the drunken slur, “Dan, sweetheart, I don’t know who he is.”
    “Julia, go upstairs I’ll be with you in a minute.” Dan said with lust filled eyes. Then he turned to the dark figure and noticed he was no longer in the doorway he was standing mere inches from the both of them, but Julia started to go up the stairs. When she had her foot on the fourth step she heard an eerie, loud, unimaginable “Crack!” She stopped then tensing and started to continue going up the stairs when she felt what she thought was her lover’s breath.
    “Now, Dan did you take care of our mysterious guest?” Julia said as she turned around to hug her man. Once she started hugging him and he started hugging her back, he started to laugh that made you just shiver in fear.
    He leaned down and whispered, “I’m not your lover. Ju-li-a White.”
    Julia opened her eyes and saw the man that was in the doorway not too long ago. She tried to break free but his arms were like steel beams holding her in place so she couldn’t nor hide from the man who killed her lover Daniel Main. The man loosed his grip. Julia struggled against him but still couldn’t break free. Then she thought, “What if I screamed at the top of my voice then someone would come and help me.”
    Sadly, the dark figure figured out her plan before she could even take in her breath and said, “If you scream and someone comes through that door,” he pointed, “I’ll kill them too. Do you understand?”
    Julia just stared at him as if committing his facial features by memory.
    “Do you understand!” he yelled shaking her forcefully. Julia nodded just to stop the shaking. Then he grabbed her chin and started to laugh evilly to the ceiling.
    “Oh, Julia,” he continued to laugh; “do you have any idea of what I’m going to do to you? Probability not but I want to ask, how would you like to die tonight? What about a good old fashion stabbing? No? How about I take you upstairs and drown you in your bathtub? No, no for a star like you it won’t work out. I got it! How about a mixture of both, I think you would like that.”
    Julia was crying and shaking her head as if in a few minutes she would wake up from this horrible nightmare. She didn’t dare scream just he did keep his promise about killing anyone that tried to save her.
    “Now take I have you. You won’t ever betray me, right?” he said calmly and his left eye was starting to twitch.
    Julia nodded and went with him where ever he wanted to go. She want sad that her lover died and scared that she wouldn’t make it out alive.
    The next morning Julia White’s body was found on her stairs wet and bloody from multiple stab wounds. The dark figure kept his word about mixing the ways to kill her. Julia’s lover’s body was never found and the police just thought he killed her and ran away to Europe or Mexico after he killed her.