• Life for you is about?
    well for me its about making the most of it
    you'll never when time is 'up' but while you are alive
    and well just enjoy and take the risks you can take.

    One morning i woke up finding my mom not there or my dad. In my dream they were both in an airplane and holding hands and at some point in my dream it crashed. so i woke up scared because both of my parents weren't there. but who would i to lie down in bed again so i stood up and went down the stair and shouted MOM. she was there and i said whats for breakfast and well i think you know that the whole day was almost over.................................................
    i dont know if you still get what im saying but heres a clue 'dont waste time' in my dream my parents weren't there and the last thing i said to them was mom can i go out with my friends and after she said yes i went off. i never got a chance to say good bye. but ever since that dream happened i started caring more about my mom and when ever she would go to (not that im a cry baby) work i would cry at night (my mom is gone for the whole week) because i dont know if she was safe.

    Life is about making the most of it like i said so while your there
    make everything the way you want it to be!
    be happy!!!