• Saigo: What are we supposed to do?
    Haruko: Yeah, there's nothing in here.
    Lai: "This room will test how well you can detect unseeable enemies." Saigo: "How will we able to sense an enemy we can't even see them?"
    Lai: "By using your sixth sense."
    Haruko: "Sixth Sense?"
    Lai: "Yes your sixth is the sense that allows to detect abnormal beings and strange anomalies,do you get it?"
    Haruko: "Kind of but not quite."
    Lai: "Just try it and you'll see."
    Haruko: "All right." Haruko closed her eyes and focused on the entire room. A goblin that was hiding on the ceiling was grinning evily down at Haruko. It jumped from it's spot and lunged at Haruko. Haruko sensed something behind her and swung her scythe.
    Haruko: "Take that!" The goblin became visible as it was cut in half.
    Lai: "Yay you did it Haruko!"
    Haruko: One down!
    Lai: "Okay, your turn Saigo." Saigo: "Let's do this!" 3 hours later....
    Lai: "Man, your're pathetic!"
    Saigo: "Shut up! It's just taking me a while!"
    Lai: "It's been three hours since you started!"
    Saigo: "This time i'll do it! Argghhh!"
    Lai: "Your're not doing it right,you have to concentrate!"
    Saigo: "I am!"
    Lai: "Obviously not because you haven't done it yet!" Meanwhile up on the ceiling the goblin was getting bored and let out a yawn.
    Haruko: "Stop fighting!" They looked at her.
    Saigo: "Haruko?" Haruko walked up to Saigo and took hold of his hand.
    Haruko: "I'll help you." Saigo started blushing.
    Haruko: "Concentrate on the entire room, take in everything around you and then you'll do it!"
    Saigo: "Okay, this time i'm going to do it!" Lai let on a yawn and rested on Haruko's shoulder.
    Lai: "Sure you will...."
    Saigo: "Shut up!" Lai stuck her tongue out a Saigo.
    Saigo ignored Lai. Then closed his eyes and concentrated, taking in his surroundings.
    Saigo: "Up there!" The goblin snapped to attention and glared at Saigo preparing to attack him. But Saigo beat him to it pulled out his sword, jumped and shoved it through the enemy's head,killing it.
    Saigo: "I did it!"
    Haruko: "Yeah!" Haruko threw her arms around Saigo. Saigo started blushing.
    Saigo: "Uh....." Haruko blushed as well and let go of Saigo.
    Haruko: "Sorry...."
    Lai: "Nice job guys! I have to go now, you'll meet my sister Maiuto in the next room good luck with the rest or training! And say hi to Maiuto for me!" Lai flew through a portal leading back to Indigo's castle.
    The door to the next room had opened.
    Haruko: "I wonder what's awaiting us in there?"
    Saigo: "We won't find out until we're in there, so let's go!"
    Haruko: "Right!" They entered the next room, not knowing what to expect.

    To be continued