• I’m in this room with him. I keep opening my mouth to tell him what I'm thinking but what I'm think I dont think I should tell him. But I should, but I can't and wont for now. May be I should. So I keep thinking but should I really tell him? I mean I don’t really know. But there are too many bodies on the floor so I can't to get out. And I can’t move around them, for I have the fear of crushing them to get to my destination. I want to move and make it to the other side, to the door, but it keeps moving farther way. And the music starts, but it gets louder and louder.

    Then all the colors in the room start to blend and swirl, so I sit and try to figure out the right way to tell him what I keep thinking but can’t say. So I think harder and open my mouth but the words wont come out. I think about how to move around the bodies that lay in my way. So I can get to the other side of the room and get out.

    But I feel something wet at my feet. I look down and there’s water up to my ankels. And it rises and rises to where it covers the heads of the bodies that lay in my way. And I scream and scream and scream, till I close my eyes hold my breath and I’m under the water. Under the bodies and I see the door across the room.

    It’s no longer moving away, but yet coming closer at a very unlikable pace. I close my eyes and switch the scenes in my mind. I open my eyes and I feel the grass under my hands a smile with relief. But I panic, get up and run. I can't stop my feet they're moving on their own.

    What do I do? I think of something else to see and I open my eyes wide. Blinking hard I see, I’m on the ground in my hotel room, gasping for air, twitching and moving. I hear people laughing. Music that’s way to loud and it keeps on banging in my ears.

    There’s people on the ground, music that’s way to loud, and the door on the other side of the room. Now I have no fear of crushing the bodies that lay in my way. I know this is not where I want to be. So I carfully slip my way through the bodies and reach the door, I look back and some how I want more. But I don’t know what more I want.

    But I turn from the bodies that laid in my way, the music that was to loud, and close the door that was never to far, that I couldn't walk away.