• as i walk i can see the sea because that where i walk past each day and i always see the sun set. its sad isn't it i walk here each day and yet i see nobody else? i aways carry my books and bag where i keep my stuff. each day is the same the same life everything is the same. sometime i wonder and look that the shy just to see time didn't stop. each day i walk and just look that the endless sky just to see the moments go the seconds past and the mins feel like nothing. it always stills so slow life that is, like watching a t.v. show just sit their and watch right, all you have to do that is. That what life is. when i go home all i see empty home and a note "food on the table." a house and a room for only me, right ? Its been a long time seen i seen my moms face, i alreally forgot how she looks. and i don't know where my dad is one day he vanish from our lifes as if nothing happen. in one day there is 24 hours how people mange their times. to me time just gose and no one can stop it and time for us to vanish and disappear to go alway. for us to be put in the ground.
    do most of us still do as must of the things we hope to do. what do we acompished in such time and lenghten in elses life of yours?
    will it still be their our acompishments or our exists?
    time is this endless sky and never end if we died will we still be honored and saided you did well ?
    will i still be remembered in this life of mine ???