• xd okk this is my first day of writting woooooo

    today there was a new update on this game i play called mabi (mabonigi)

    it was fun i got a new skill called blaze and it was cool until i found out u need to be right up next to your enemy to use it!

    me and my boyfriend aneil talked till about to am then he needed to go to bed (hes getting his permit tomarrow)

    Sadly i got depressed today over a random thought that went into my mind
    i remembered how my boyfriend treated me when we were friends and now its like he is diffrent in some way some are bad some are good.

    hes closer to me and tells me his feelings and secrets but i feel as if while we were friends it was better bc his friends (that were my friends) didnt get made bc he would act diffrent while i was there (as in paying to much atention to me)

    o well so far that was my day i got to go to sleep now becuase it 3am

    hope i dont get depressed tomarrow see yeall leter