• "Amanda Sophia!!!! You come down here right now!!!"
    Ugh. I pulled myself up, swung my feet off my bed, stood up-
    and promptly fell down again. Well, crap.
    "Ami, don't make me come up there!!"
    "Please do," I said feebly. "I fell down again and I can't reach my end table."
    Oh, great. I shouldn't have said that... I don't want to go to the hospital again.
    Karen ran to me. "Honey, what's wrong?! Did you get sick again?!"
    Kat stood in the doorway with her arms crossed.
    "K, give it a rest. She needs to stop depending on you. Can't you see she's just faking-"
    "STOP IT!!!" Karen held me closer. "She IS sick, she is NOT faking it, and you need to stop being so cold! It may be her powers gr-" She stopped, suddenly quiet.
    "Kay, what do you mean, my powers? You mean like those mutants on tv? Are they really dangerous? They don't look dangerous though," I mused. "They actually look like everyone else. Even the ones that don't."
    Kat laughed harshly. "Kid, the hell are you saying? You don't know a damn thing about mutants. come on, Kay. We need to train."
    Kat dragged Kay to her feet and dragged her out of my room, slamming the door. I heard stomping and then yelling, as predicted.
    "Awww! Ami, you're sad again! Don't be sad! Sisters always fight you know. I'm pretty sure any combo of siblings would. It's not you. They're just, I dunno, programmed?"
    I looked up. "LeeLee? that you?" I stood up and ran over to him and tried to hug him, but I fell right through. Lee shook his head.
    "Remember, Ami. I need to-"
    "You need to touch me first, since you kinda don't exist," I mimicked bitterly. "I know."
    Lee reached over and hugged me.
    "There ya go, Ami. I'll always be there for you.

    "Even if I'm just your imaginary friend."