• It was midnight and the moon was full. I heard howls coming from behind me. I was lost in a forest of darkness. I went to take a step forward when something grabbed my waist. I couldn’t scream because of shock. I slowly turned my head and saw a gorgeous man. His face was snowy white and his eyes were midnight black. His hair was long and pulled into a pony tail. It too was black. I was struggling to get away, but he was too strong. In fact, he was stronger than any human man. He easily turned me around. His eyes were watching my every move and action. I couldn’t get away and I was easily distracted by his beautiful eyes. They were filled with sadness and pain, but the more I looked into them the more I could see that he had other things on his mind. I stuttered out a word to keep myself from getting any more lost in them than I already was. “W-what do you want from me.” He smiled and touched the side of my cheek. “I want you.” “What!” He embraced me in a tight hug. I closed my eyes as I feel his hand rub my back. His touch reminded me of a father comforting his child. “You remind me of father.” His eyes looked pained at my comment. “Why is that”, he said with a small smile to cover his sadness. “I don’t know, I’ve never had a father to experience that but I have seen it before.” He raised my chin so that I can look at him. “Can you be my queen of the night”? I looked at him confused and thought to myself, “That’s awkward”. I shrugged off the thought and asked, “What do you mean”? “I want you to become my vampire queen”. I frowned, thinking he was playing a trick on me. “You stalk me and make me think that you’re going to rape me. Now you’re asking me to be something that’s not real”. He smiled at me exposing sharp teeth. His eyes changed from black to a goldish brown color. His pupils became cat like. I studied his face, trying to figuring out what just happened. I caressed his cheek to see his eyes better. Even if it was dark, I could still see them. It was as if someone flicked a switch in him to turn his lights on. “There beau ti----“.
    I ended up fainting. An hour went by and I was back in my room. “I think I woke up from a dream”, I said quietly to myself. I lazily got out of bed and walked out to the living room. I looked across the room into the kitchen to see my mom drinking coffee with a man. I rubbed my eyes and grabbed my mom’s coffee. As I took a sip I looked at the man’s face. I chocked on the coffee while trying not to spit it out. “Yo- you’re real?” I backed up to the living room and fell on the couch. He got up and followed me. He stood in front of me then got down on one knee and grabbed my hand. He gently kissed the top part of my hand making me blush. I looked over at my mom. She was smiling. “That’s weird”, I thought. Her eyes looked like they had no pupils. They looked lifeless. “What’s wrong with my mom”? “Nothing, she’s perfectly normal”. “You’re lying to me.” My mom got up and walked over to the couch and sat down. “Mr. Vlad saved you”. “Yeah but don’t you care why this man or whatever he is, is kissing my hand?” “He saved you so it’s only right to respect him and his actions.” “Yeah whatever you say.” “Don’t speak to me like that young lady.” “Yes mama.” He smiled at me and kissed my hand once again. I couldn’t help to blush. This man creature thing is kissing my hand in front of my mom, who is obviously in some kind of hypnosis.” I quickly changed the subject. “What happened to me?” He looked up at me with a serious face. “I found you in my forest, near my castle. So I brought you back home. It took a while getting here since my castle is a couple hours away from here.” “Oh ok.” Mom had a weird smile on her face and looked at me. “Oh yeah, I almost forgot. He wants your hand in marriage and I’ve agreed. Isn’t that great?” I had a shocked face but quickly changed my expression. I looked down at the floor thinking. I slowly got up and walked to my room. I could feel their gazes burning in to my back. I walked back in my room and shut the door. I stood behind the door so no one could come in. The doors lock was broken and it didn’t lock, that’s why I’m standing against the door. I stood there thinking about what was going on. I could hear heavy footsteps coming towards my door and stopping. I knew it was him because of his shoes. They had chains on them. Out of know where he shoves the door open, causing me to be thrown across my room and on to my bed. He quickly walked in and closed the door behind him. I got off my bed and stood in front of it. “It’s rude to walk away from your fiance like that”. “I never agreed to the marriage, or did I”? “If I say yes would you believe me?” “No, I think you would be lying”. “Then no, but that could change”.”I don’t even know you”. He grabbed my hand and used his other hand to touch my cheek. “You do in your dreams”.
    The end