• July 4th 2010


    A few months ago i came back with her. Easter wasn't my favorite day this year. The family i thought loved me didn't give a damn and the family i didn't really give a damn about accepted me back with open arms.

    [You know the phrase, blood is thicker than water?]
    Well It's COMPLETELY true.

    But this year...I'm kinda thankful that they popped my common sense cherry...

    12:00 pm

    I smiled as i sat at the table with my grandmother, great-grandmother and uncle. Things just seem so great. I mean sure i was a little disappointed by my godfather, but hey, what are dads for. As i looked at my uncle and realized that everything he had said to me when i was a little girl was true, i smiled and i felt a warmth in the middle of my chest that brought tears to my eyes.

    "Hey 'mani, you know, you get your license by the end of next year, you wont have to worry 'bout buyin' a car. Your uncle got'chu."

    My nana has memory problems and can't remember what she said two minutes ago but for some reason she can remember promises she made years ago, songs she sang months ago and the temperature from days ago.

    "Here you go baby, remember the five dollars pops promised you if you did good in school? Well since he's not here anymore imma pay his price..."

    And my grandma, man i love this lady. Best cook i know, loving pacifist and a survivor of brain cancer. She has the answer to EVERYTHING, and i know i cant keep secrets from her for nothin. But i know that no matter what happens in the near future, things will be perfect. No matter what i believe in, or how many things go wrong, My mama, grandma, nana and uncle will be there, even on my moms birthday...