• "rhhhhhheaaaaaa" ??? said. Zel and Risha were sitting in the cave trying to see what the sound was. The wall collapsed out of no were and these creatures ran out of the wall. There face was cut open and there skin hanging off. Missing body parts like arms and legs, blood coming out of every were. They ran to Zel, one of them grabbed onto his leg and starting eating at it. Zel pulled out his claymore and stabbed it through his head. Then it started it to grow bigger.


    "AHHHHHHHHH, my leg my ******** leg!" Zel said as he collapsed. The shock wave knocked Risha down and the Things started eat him.

    *click, Boom*

    A bullet went through the air and shot all of the Things.

    "hehehehe this is fun!!!! i have not seen a Spawn for ever hahahahaha." ??? Said. He loaded and fired again clearing all of the Spawns off of Risha. Risha got up and went to Zel. He was missing half of his leg.

    "You! help him please!!! hes dieing!" Risha said.

    "I can't do medical crap dim wit" ??? said.

    A girl walks out of the shadow.

    "I can heal him for you, my name is Ruk." Ruk said. she walked up to Zel and put on a glove, it was over flowing with power. She put it on the ground and a circle came around it. 10 Teal arms grabbed on to Zels body. Then his leg started to appear again.

    "Tank stop being so worthless and grab me a Wrapping cloth." Ruk said.

    "Shut the hell up, i will go get it." Tank said. He went and grabbed a cloth out of the medical bag. he threw it to Ruk.

    Risha went into the hole into the wall and saw something. The quest was over. The Hour Glass.

    ~End of Chapter 1~

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